Sunday, February 14, 2016

Let's Talk about Love Baby...

It’s interesting as you grow older and look back at yours and your friends’ lives and the mix of experiences of love, relationships, marriage, divorce, single lives, freedom, loneliness and desires.
Love. What really is it? Each heart you ask will give you a different answer and each experience of love a heart goes through makes pinning down what love ‘is’ as impossible as figuring out how many leaves will fall with each breath of wind.

There’s a repeating conversation that I suspect many of us have: The essence of it is what X person, should or should not do about their less-than-perfect relationship. In this conversation, there is usually a ‘good’ partner, diagnosed as being misguided in believing they ‘love’ the other ‘bad’ partner and so is enduring no end of misery.

Now, while there are definitely people out there who really are NOT good partners…is this what is really the core of the problem for most of us?

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