Sunday, October 26, 2014

Chikungunya - Viral Arthritis Update

So a few weeks on, I have been religiously putting on my Ajas Oil - and consequently smelling of very earthy patchouli..hmm... I am happy enough with the smell, and as I use body oil anyway, not lotion, I am happy with the oil on my skin. Whether it has helped much - that I can't tell to well.
glorious sky to sooth aches and pains :)
At first I was just doing that and having my 'spice tea' - full of anti-inflammatory spices - turmeric, ginger, west indian bayleaf (racemosa pimenta), cardammon, black pepper, cinnamon - made and put into the fridge to heat back up and drink as a tea, add to black tea, add to half a bottle of water and 1/4 of apple juice - 1/4 of spice tea to drink at work...but

I was ok - my pains and stiffness were bad enough but not so much that I would not be able to work and do whatever I needed - except if that involved putting weight on my wrists of crouching right down. But I was not sleeping well - the joints stiffen up as you sleep and then I'd be woken by the pains and then of course, next day I was tired and therefore more prone to being sicker.

So I decided to take meds at nights - 1 night-time paracetamol and 1 ibuprofen - and that helped as I felt more rested, but my joints still hurt in the morning and through the day.

So then I started putting on ibuprofen gel and voltaren gel where I know my muscles are very tight as it's all related - one sets off the other. I'd say that helped a bit - my wrists and knees and shoulders all eased a bit.

Then one of my achy friends said she took voltaren tablets one lunchtime and then again in the evening and she'd woken up the next day able to "feel my feet - and walk on them without wincing for the first time since getting it" and that was 7 weeks ago.

So, I dug up my diclofenac (generic voltaren) and took one that night. Well, I slept well (didn't take the other meds) and I woke up feeling better - less aches. I continued my daytime routine and took another diclofenac dose that night - same results - felt good.

So last night - I didn't take anything - well, I felt ok, so maybe I was in remission...this morning my wrists hurt again, fingers, knees...damn.

my variant of 'panadol' in my yard
I am really not a fan of taking meds long-term as I've been there and done that to the point I really feel my liver and kidneys would appreciate my not continuing - and whatever other long-term effects you get, I figure I am high on the list for (read here)...but that said, I have to say I am going to try the diclofenac again for a while and see - I also believe that sometimes we may need a bit of a boost - whether in order to be able to function at work or to allow us to sleep and heal in our sleep...

Of course there are the local herbal plants - 'panadol' - plecanthrus caninus a member of the mint family and with an oregano-like flavour which has been used to treat various things including colds (virus) rheumatism and here, for headaches, and I'm sure there is probably one that acts like diclofenac...if anyone knows, please do tell! (other than my spices of course)

So, hope that helps!

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