Saturday, July 13, 2013

Walking Saint Lucia - Anse Lavoutte to Esperance

A 2.5 hour walk along part of the northern East Coast of Saint Lucia - beautiful walk...makes you wish they'd preserve this area for the Nation - all the way to top of Cap Estate...lovely.

Red Puff Plant .... I'm sure it has a real name :-)
Wild(?) Donkeys - were very curious to see us near Comerette
'The Beast' stalking its prey... Comerette
One of the many 'Morning Glories"
Still thinking about whether they should follow us or run...
Looking back on Comerette
The Huts at Comerette
Some trees ...
looking back over Comerette
Twisted sister
Anse Lapins
Beach Art
The River mouth
Looking back down Anse Lapins
Island off Anse Lapins
Morning Glory again
Textures - purple flowered ground cover and sea grape and sea

The Grassy Path

Coming in to Esperance - the original safe harbour way back when
A tree

Textures - flotsam and jetsam and all sorts of sam...
the rocky shore
twigs textures
round the bend
in need of water lilies
on the path
Hut at Esperance
The Conch Road
watch where you step - little orange centipede
Chubby the Heron
Old Mill Wall
Old Mill Wall
River Crossing
The River
Purple Puff Balls...who I'm sure have a real name too....
Lots of white, through pink to red berries around

What looked like a parasitic plant on a tree
Back to civilization - 'the English Garden'

This walk was about 5 1/3 miles - gentle ups n downs some muddy areas (rainy season) some loose stones, some grass with rocks hidden - walking sticks are good, water and snacks too - enjoy!!!