Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Travellers of life

Haven't written in a while - lots has been going on and my thoughts and experiences of how life works have been going on too...I've been spending time, investing time, I should say, and my energies into bringing the true Finola to the fore - the last 5 or so years especially, have been a serious road of personal growth and it has not been easy, but it has been a lot easier than the preceding 10 years where I realize now, I allowed myself to get lost somewhat - running here and there away from this and to that, never quite being able to get my voice to say what it needed to, far less be heard; never quite getting my ears to hear what they needed to, far less to be able to sing along with the sweet undertones of life. Living in dischord with myself and those around me. Thankfully, the upside of that has been learning how to live better - I chose mindfully and heartfully to walk away from that road on to a truer path.
Colours of a Dawning - psychedelic :-D

So, many times I've written about the rollercoaster of life and the ride and the fluid balance that I find I not only have mostly come to terms with, but actually grown to appreciate and enjoy, savour even - savour feeling, savour the challenge to ones self and senses, spirit and heart.

Riding Calm Waters
I've been learning more and more how to not just forgive (for they - truly - know not what they do), but to start to allow people to be human and faulted, stumbling and frail, forgetful, careless and blind and not to be angry about it, but to understand that I perhaps, sometimes, am lucky to be able to see more, do more, be more, but at other times will also still stumble, forget, not see and more. There is no perfect person.

I am fortunate to be able to see a bit better than before - and am so grateful I can enjoy the beauty of being at once, more at peace and more energized with life and myself and this I believe comes in quite large part through the choices I have made...

Recently, I've been focusing more on our choices - yes, I've written quite a bit about that before too, but it is ever more present a force in my life and those around me: we really do have the final say here on earth, as to what we choose - people and circumstances may influence us - in some cases, drastically and almost beyond our control, but in the end, it is a truly rare case when we are not able to choose where next to place each foot - make a bad situation worse, or step out of the mire and onto firmer land...
An unexpected place to rest?

A post on Facebook wrote about how our path is just that, ours, no-one elses... and I felt that strongly. Though we often also find ourselves sharing a path, and sometimes try to influence another's path too, in the end, we must accept responsibility for just our path, and take charge of our path as true to our heart as we can, and let others do the same - take their own responsibility and charge. Doesn't mean we can't 'be there' for people and them for us, but in the end we walk our path, they walk theirs. At least, that's what I feel, yeah, that's my path - is it yours?

Anyway, I wrote this earlier today:

Sometimes life can feel like the waters in a river, carrying us along, a bit out of our control, with circumstances and people like the multitude of things that affect the course of a river - the diversions and obstacles that cause the river to slow, stop, gush, rush forward, change direction this way or that - persuading us, pushing and pulling us despite ourselves...
But we are more than the water, we are travellers, we don’t have to just go where the flow takes us –natural, or on a path made by the influence of others in our river…we can pick up our canoe and go overland if we need to: whatever it takes to ply our course.
Cul de Sac River - Black and White

So all said and done, this is how I see life - not sure how you see life...do you think how I describe it makes sense to you or do you have lessons that you've learnt that I too could learn from? 
Pure Gold