Sunday, March 10, 2013

Walking for the Kids - Pawasol Pou Ti Mamay sponsored walk

Pawasol Pou Ti Mamay - Umbrella for the little kids - that's who I'll be walking for on Sunday 24th  March - just 5 miles (8k for the metric people :-) around a beautiful part of Saint Lucia - would you like to sponsor me? Or would you like to walk and get sponsored? Drop me a comment either way and lets raise some money for this great little charity!

Pics from previous walks around the route
Dawn Breaks

Bended Tree

rains over St. Lucia Channel


succulents colour the hills

tough green leaves in the bright morning sun

Waves cut dramatic platforms

Trees open from shady paths to let in the light

Seas glisten in the early sun

The big pond just waking up to the morning breezes

and the little pond

pillars of cacti scatter across the hills

Wild Frangipani