Sunday, February 17, 2013

Healthy Caribbean Pancake 'Recipe'

I woke up this morning thinking, "Well, I missed Pancake Tuesday, so I think I'll make healthy pancakes for me and my Dad this morning" ... they came out well, so I thought I should share my 'recipe' with you so you can make and enjoy them yourself...

In a bowl, pour in an amount of spelt flour...yes, that's enough...
Dash in a smaller amount of Sweet Potato Flour ... yeah,yeah! That's good!
Sprinkle Farine (Cassava) over that now...yup, enough!
Dash in some salt, a bigger dash of cinnamon and a kwas (little piece) of sugar and a biggish dash of baking powder...stir it all up and make sure you mash any lumps of baking powder

In another bowl beat an egg into some milk, then pour this into your flour mix until it's all combined and there's no lumps...add more milk until it looks about the consistency you remember your mother used to make...

Set the batter aside in the fridge to do whatever it is that it does in the fridge..whatever, it works better when it's had it time

Brush a light coating of oil into a pan and drop your pancakes to your desired size, into the pan - swirl them around to thin out if you want thin ones, flip them over as soon as the top of the batter is just drying out

Drizzle fresh lemon juice and honey over them and eat hot!