Friday, December 21, 2012


Over the past few years in particular, I’ve read countless blog posts about, in some form or the other, ‘achieving happiness’… I’ve even written a few – and they have, no doubt about it, helped me find light, peace, joy, contentment, spirit of adventure and so much more in these past few years, but there has always been something just a little to ‘happy shiny people’ about a lot of it all and somewhere along the line, someone said the words that shed the light for me – it just isn’t normal to be ALL happy. 
Clound on Fire with the beauty of the sunset
I’ve written a lot also about balance and that for me it’s a sort of fluid state that moves between a tear of joy and a tear of sadness and encompasses all the emotions in between – not ignoring the existence of the negative, but instead allowing that it exists in its place and not putting undue emphasis on it either – choosing to elevate the love, kindness, giving, happiness, gratitude so they can light the way, but not pretend there is no ‘other side’ or that there should not be.

Maybe I am missing the point – maybe it is true that one day humankind will evolve to a state where evil does not exist…perhaps…we will all live in bliss. It’d be wonderful, I am sure. But for now, I prefer to keep my head and heart firmly in the realm of the irony of life – how do you stick your ground, not run away and deal with the darker side of life that so many people involve themselves in, do this to be a force for positive change, but do it without (like the media circus that follows every US shooting) drawing the kind of focus to the ‘evil’ that just gives it more power?

I have been watching my young friend – one of my ‘children by another mother’ Swapna as she rails against the injustice to women in her home country of India – her name means ‘Dream’ … I am proud of her as she takes a public stance and speaks out about this taboo and effectively puts herself square in the firing line for her ‘friends’ to call her too ‘Westernized’ and tell her that she’s ‘losing her Indian-ness’. She is the new India, the better India – taking what is good and fighting a hard fight to get rid of what is bad.

I look at my home country Saint Lucia – what a name – the patron saint of Light…why is it that so much darkness persists within her shores? It is true as has been commented on by people over time – there is much ‘dark magic’ practiced here, such convoluted social ‘norms’ that destroy lives and relationships all over – every form of deviancy. But I am always inspired at the very same moment by the depth of love and goodness of some of our people even in the face of this reality…and yes, it exists in every country in the world, there is no pretending it doesn’t to some extent or the other – it is just that within our tiny confines of 234 sq miles and 170,000 people, we are so much closer to it every day – it permeates our lives in a way that is hard to escape. So kudos to those who are aware of this and yet find the inner strength to be what our island is name – Saints of the Light…

This, in my humblest opinion, my heart tells me, is human Perfection. Stand strong Lucia
Full Moon Setting in the Dawn over Rodney Bay Marina - a full juxtaposition of the beauty of nature and humankind