Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day St. Lucia 2012

There are ways to end a day...this is just one of them...a few of us sat at the water's edge today, bathed in the 'cold' December sea and mused about life...sure, St. Lucia has her issues... but there is, in almost reactive contrast to that, a beauty that undelies so much of life here ... once you see it, feel it, you are blessed.
We don't have a lot as a tiny island nation, but you spend time on this beach and you'll see people just being people...families, individuals, kids, grans, rich and poor, local, foreign, and recent imports... all together, enjoying life's simple pleasures.
Thanks to my friends for being who they are and for sharing a bit of this life with me.
For you, the readers - today's images of my home.
May your season bring joy and may it keep on knocking at your door for day after day after day...