Monday, December 31, 2012

As 2012 ends...

At the end of this year, I’m looking back and seeing that I’ve come a long way … I keep saying to people, I feel like I’ve become Me. But I’m also seeing I have a long way I can go yet too! Life has been amazing so far – lots of hard lessons, lots of unexpected joys, lots of challenges, lots of peaceful moments and lots of fun…and I’ve written posts about this and that along the way the last few years as I ‘discovered’ things…sometimes ‘advice’, sometimes just observations, sometimes questions…so, I thought about, and tried to write an end of year post that shared some of what I thought were good ‘takeaways’ for this year…couldn’t get it done – kept wandering off into sounding like a tacky free ebook on (dubious) Secrets to Having it ALL :-/

So, just gonna end the year by saying ‘Thank You’ to everyone who’s been and is a part of my life so far –and that goes for whether you were a part of the fun parts and the tough lessons or whatever you were - and by saying to the Universe…looking forward to the ride, the walk, the exploration, the experience of life yet to come.

Wishing everyone a great journey through life!
My favourity sunset of 2012