Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thank You Cards

So, once in a while I write about gratitude here...well, much in life, especially recent months, has given me cause to recognize how grateful I am and how much there is to be grateful for...and how valuable those two little words 'Thank You' are...

Yesterday I came home from grocery shopping and was suddenly inspired to create Thank You cards from some of those gajillions on sunset photos I so love taking: the thing is, something about sunsets, and especially the ones shared with friends, brings out that gratefulness in me...

Sample of one of the cards
So, the initial set are done - I'm hoping you like them and they inspire you to let someone in your life know that you're thankful for them

For me, it's been a tough year in I'm gonna say straight out that I'd be thankful for your patronage of my Thank You cards :-) You can use them over and over - email to the special persons or print it out and hand it over...enjoy and please share the link and encourage your friends to check out the cards...



another sample card