Thursday, September 27, 2012

Turtles Hatching

A quick little post today to share something special with you:

Last night we took our beach chairs, my homemade rum syllabub, wine, cheese, french bread and ham and our happy selves off the the beach at sunset to say farewell to one of our bunch who's off to Canada for 3 months...

As we were winding down, the evening skies clouded over a bit and a few light - cooling - drops of rain started to fall; the night security at the Yacht Club behind where we'd sat, invited us to shelter under their thatched a few did...within minutes there were squeals and calls of 'Fifi, Faye, Colette, Debs!!! Come, Come see!!!!"

A nest of baby turles was hatching literally under their feet!

Of course, as is what happens in built up areas where turtles naturally nest, the hatchlings came out confused - mistaking the lights of the Yacht Club, Spinnakers restaurant and nearby Bay Gardens Beach Resort for the moon that would normally guide them to the sea - so after some frantic 'What do we do?!?' shouts, and a quick call to a Fisheries Dept staffer, we figured out, get a bucket and pop them in and get them to the sea

Well soon the whole beach was helping - securities, waiters, us, visitors...other Lucians who happened to be around - it was a fantastic scene as we walked up and down the beach searching with phone flashlights and keen eyes to find the stray babies - and boy, we had to actually toss some many of them as far in the sea as we could because they were so confused by the lights of the buildings on the beach, that they kept coming back out of the water...I'm pretty sure by the end of the evening they were all in the sea swimming for their lives...we retired to our homes, clothes soaked and sandy, feeling pretty blessed :-)

Life is good
turle hatchlings emerging underfoot at Reduit Beach St. Lucia

So tiny! Rescuing baby turtle hatchiling

Perfect little miniatures - baby turtle just hatched and unsure where to go