Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bon Voyage....

To me that is...I've been working through a lot of re-organizing and re-prioritizing of my work and life in recent months...well, over the last year or so really!!! And I think I need to take a little hiatus from blogging for a while - I'll blog if anything important happens, or I have a great inspiration, but you probably won't see me each I'd like to leave you with a bunch of flowers; some pics I took a couple weeks ago in my garden.

Those of you who are on facebook, you can find me there and my work page - and on flickr
hope to see you!


Our Flambouyant tree casting a red carpet across the lawn

The Royal Flower of the Flambouyant

Golden bouquets of Ixora - pull the stamen to taste a drop of nectar

Crimson Ixora

Scarlet Ixora

June Rose/Crepe Myrtle - the bees love this plant

The beautiful Oleander - my Mum loved this flower - reminded her of Italy and the Med I think

Oleander 'roses'

White Poui - My Dad loves these

The White Poui again

Pride of Barbados - tip to my Bajan side

An unidentified one - anyone?

And another unidentified one...tiny yellow flower shower