Sunday, June 3, 2012

Space, The Final Frontier

Space – the Final Frontier! How many of us in St. Lucia, the Caribbean, the world, grew up watching Star Trek, with Captain Kirk dashing around the Universe at warp speed, exploring where no man has gone before? Well, we, humans, remain pretty well grounded here on Earth still, despite Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Farscape and countless others trying to leading our imaginations far beyond where any scientist or space programme has so far managed to take us. Even Apollo and all the Shuttles couldn’t take us beyond our immediate neighbourhood.
Out there...
 Ah well, sci-fi series and exploration of our universe are not what I set out to talk about today….
Space – the Final Frontier…I want to explore some other equally intriguing issues….like:  Why is there never enough space in a day to fit in all the things I want to do?  Why do spaces (like my studio) get filled up so easily and emptied so, um, difficultly!?!

Do we humans do justice to the spaces we occupy? Office space; public space; green space; free space; your space; my space…our space?

Space can be a state of mind and heart, or it can be something more tangible, or both…isn’t it interesting how we make a space ours or conversely, how we never quite feel we fit into a space – why is it that some spaces fit us better than others? Why is it that some spaces elude our ability to control them, keep them in order and so erode our peace…and others by the very wildness of their nature, untamability, create a peace in us and a sense of place that we can hardly explain?

We all have a space that is ‘ours’… Some people invade ‘our’ space, some people fill up a space in us, some crowd our space, some, when they leave, leave an empty space in us. Some know exactly when to ‘give us space’ or to fill in a space…others, well, they don’t!
My Space?
In general, we make space in our lives for the things that we want to…tho they may not always be what we ought to :-) And then, there are also things, perhaps even people, we should probably all clear out of our space too, and others, that even though we may not always want to, we should make space for…embrace more.

I was supposed to clean up my space today…my studio is a mess…again…it is too small, has too few shelves, it’s too hot, too dark…too able to hide my things from me… and after every event I attend – like the recent OPSR EXPO 2012 and St. Lucia Jazz…well, it’s always hard to fit stuff back in after you’ve created new stuff – guess I need to get more of it out of here quicker – sell it to the shops :-D

But then there were other things to do today  – beekeeping practical lessons on Sunday mornings, editing those pics n videos, blogging, lunch – local tilapia, sweetpotato chips n red peppers….that all takes time!!!

But yes, I will have to get my space back in shape – my brain just doesn’t work as well when my work space is in chaos!  But conquering the space…now that always gives a sense of calm – there is something to be said for the feeling you get when you have your space in order.  Space – the Final Frontier….to be conquered just as soon as I’ve baked the banana cake, made the flask of tea, gone to the beach to lime with my friends on our Sunday Unwind Lime, looked at those pesky  (but necessary) draft letters, hung out the laundry…tomorrow then… early, before work…promise.

Untamed Space