Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays … the day we celebrate that we came into being, got our chance to live a life here on Earth…
Always alternative...a sort of healthy cake :-D and non-alcohol champers for brekky!
As kids we can’t wait for each year’s special day – growing up is sooooo big a thing – not wanting to be a little child – wanting to be a teenager, an adult…blissfully unaware of what that really means :-D

I don’t actually remember much about my birthdays growing up – I remember one of my twin sisters’ own – a ride on the Juland(sp) – a 3 or more master, down the coast of St. Lucia – we spent a lot of the time in the nets at the prow –riding high on the coastal swells and youthful joy!

As time goes by, most of us still find excitement in celebrating our birthday though we are less and less inclined to celebrate our getting older!!! Why is that though really? I look at myself and think I’m pretty much the happiest I think I’ve been in my life – yup, lots of ‘cares’ but also lots of wisdom, peace, strength…and a love of having fun that isn’t aging at all!!! 

So, is it just the laughter lines, crinkles and umm, slightly less than perky body tone? Methinks so…ah well – that’s the hard fact for being a woman for sure – we are too judged by how youthful (or not) we still look, instead of how super-duper women we’ve become after all those years! 

So a few years ago, it dawned on me that for all this fuss over ‘getting older’ and not wanting people to know ‘how old’ you are…why don’t we celebrate the last day of our younger age then? If it’s so darned important not to be too old??? OK, so what really appealed to me was just another excuse to have a celebration!!! 
Me and my Girls - Celebrating the last day of the current age :-D
Lulu + 2 At Jambe de Bois, Pigeon Island, St. Lucia
So now I celebrate the last day of the current age – haven’t coined a name for it yet…ideas??? And then wake up and celebrate the amazing fact that I am alive, kickin’ and have endless possibilities and adventures ahead in this amazing world of ours!

Happy Birthday to me and all others who celebrate today…and to all others for whenever your day is too!