Sunday, June 10, 2012

Free Writing and To Think Lists

Recently I read an interesting little post across of Rajesh Setty’s blog– he wrote about doing a ‘To Think List’; asking how many of us stop to note things we have on our mind, things that we should spend some time thinking about…it’s an interesting question.

I ‘think’ all the time – I have one of those minds that is constantly streaming with thoughts…not necessarily organized thoughts or even useful thoughts a lot of the time! I daydream when sipping my tea on the balcony or avoiding cleaning up my studio but I also I revel in opportunities to figure things out…and to mull over thoughts of why things are the way they are and could they be better…
So it’s worth thinking about - what if I gave this unstoppable urge to think, a chance to be more focused, more productive and what if I made a place for some of the best random creative thoughts and great ideas to reside safely until such time as I am able or ready to use them? I think that would be a good thing, n’est pas?
A Place to Think
Rajesh says he uses his ‘To Think List’ to write down things he wants to think about ” when he sets aside time for himself” but he also talks about how good thinking can lead to better actions and so, to a better quality of life – that’s where I would like my ‘To Think List’ to work for me first I believe.

Sorting it all Out

I do a variety of things – as I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago – and they don’t necessarily flow well together, so finding time to complete all that I want (or need) to do is a challenge and I know for sure that it is made worse when my thinking is scattered – I’m being scatter-brained. So for me, a To Think List might start off by being a way to make me remember what to think about before I get to my To Do List each morning, or also, at the end of the day, maybe as I sip my tea on the balcony, to round off the day giving some credit to what went well and to what remains to be considered: what patterns of thought led to good, efficient and productive actions and what led me off track in a way that was not going to be useful. Of course, it should include those trains of creative thought that I could not give time to right away, but that need to be on the kind of list Rajesh talks about – for thinking over when I have time to myself.

Burning Up the Calories

And over in the Creative Something blog, they’re talking about ‘free writing’ to release the pressure on the brain – thinking burns up calories apparently – and so if we are involved in a lot of thinking, we get tired as our body uses up its energy stores…yeah, that sounds right – when the pressures on to complete a report or something – it’s tiring! (of course I don’t lose weight cos I fuel up with chocolate, coffee and other comfort foods!)

Maximizing What You Get

But think about combining a little free writing – letting your pen follow the flow of your creative thoughts and random insights or queries that pop into your head, followed by a more organized sort out in your ‘To Think List’… that could yield a lot of useful material: how many times have you wished you could remember that GREAT idea you had just yesterday…

What do You do?

Some people keep a notebook around – physical or electronic – whichever lets you get it down fastest – but using those thoughts afterwards is where we can reap the fruits isn’t it? 

What do you do – are you a disorganized thinker like me (planning to reform) or do you have a great system that you’ll share with us?
Time for Yourself