Sunday, June 24, 2012

Be Prepared - what's different since Hurricane Tomas?

As we move into the Hurricane season you can tell people are more alert than they would’ve been a few years ago…people are subscribed to NOAA on Facebook, SLUNEMO on Yahoo groups and the government gets on with clearing drains, rebuilding the roads Tomas left in shambles.

Just one of the homes destroyed
It’ll be 2 years this October to our wake-up call to the real dangers of hurricanes: waking up to find whole communities carried heartlessly away by unstoppable torrents of mud and the 50 foot trees they carried with them. 11 People died. Some have not been found.
The initial search for Sabinus & Eugnia Thomas and family at Colombette, Soufriere
It’s easy to let time pass…hard to accept that it’s the second hurricane season since Tomas…and still, many roads have not been fixed, water supplies are still strained each time it rains heavily…Some areas though, you’d hardly think they had been touched, but they were, and if you look closely, vegetation is all young, rocks are still strewn. Others, you feel like they’re just a disaster waiting to happen and you hope the engineers have made them slip-safe. But there’s nothing like the walls on mountains that I saw years ago in Japan – those were slip-safe; with rock and pipes all together to contain and drain.

See progress a little earlier in 2012 reported by HTS

What have we learned in these years? We perhaps learnt some things from Haiti’s massive earthquake, the tsunamis of Indonesia and Japan, our own hurricane and its 23 inches of rain…but I wonder if we’ve learnt enough? 

So here are a few links to things that might help

Advice from NOAA 
Water purification -
solar – not a portable thing but interesting for the possibilities / concept 

Stay safe everyone!