Sunday, May 6, 2012

Value the People in Your Life...

Bear with me as I write yet again, about not taking people for granted…I know I’ve said it many times before but it seems I need to be constantly reminded…so, may I share a few more - on-going -  thoughts with you?

'Value the people in your life....what the hell else are you working for?' 
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I wrote that on Facebook a few weeks back – can’t remember what specifically birthed the thought, but it keeps coming back to me in one form or other. 

And of course there are other things we work for – legitimately for ourselves - but other than that, really, even when we work to acquire material things, is it not most often for someone in our lives? Even the truly greedy selfish people build their treasures to impress others…

So why is it that we find it so hard, so often, to value the people in our lives? To hold back our narky response, get off our butts and do ‘that little thing’ with a smile and a ‘you’re welcome’,  let them have a different way of seeing or doing without it being a big issue, just ‘be’ with them?

Why is it easier for us to invest our precious time here on earth working to make a dollar (for the people in our lives) than it is for us to make time to spend with them? 

Now coming from me, that’s a rich question :-) I like my space! But despite that…I have to confess, I do like quality time with the quality people in my life too – there’s a time for alone, and also, a time for together…

So what is it about work, that thing we constantly moan about from Sunday evening to first thing Friday morning when we feel compelled to utter ‘TGIF’…that produces such intellectual gems as ‘after Monday and Tuesday it’s just WTF…’…what is it, that we choose to give away our precious time ceaselessly in debt to earning a dollar? Aside from doing a good job, something I really appreciate in people and aspire to myself…umm, why else do we give work to rule over us again?

What are we living for? What are we waiting for?  What are we working for? And….and these are big parts of my challenge, I know…am I using the time I spend ‘working’ well enough, or am I allowing it to fritter away, taking up much more space than it should? And otherwise, am I giving away way more for my dollar than I am being paid for?

And when I look at those things, and ask myself those questions, I find myself asking, can you really afford not to spend time on the people in your life? 

I know we all recognize our folly when a life loss takes someone away from you , but I think we really lose the people in our lives more by attrition than anything else; day by day letting our relationships weather away by inaction, or at the very least, never seeing their full bloom because we took it for granted they’d survive untended, figured we’d take care of them tomorrow…

And on the flip-side (y’all young people, btw, that’s a reference to ‘records’ those vinyl disks we older peeps used to have our music delivered on), yes, on the flip-side…you and me, yes, of course we are our people too – just like those other people in our lives, we do need to invest your time in and care for just our lonesome also… and should not feel guilty about it either!

I had a question from one of my ‘adopted’ daughters – “Am I selfish not wanting my mother to …?” Suffice it to say, it was something that would genuinely negatively impact on the young person’s life…yes, we too must look after our own genuine interests, know where we draw a line – with work and with people in our lives – even if we still allow that line to be firm but not unbending – we need to know what we need also and not feel ‘a way’ to look after ourselves also. 

There’s a balance …ah, I should tattoo that word somewhere! But there is, has to be, a balance – doing, living for others, work, ourselves, being ourselves and allowing others to be themselves, appreciating the value in each part of our lives…n’est pas?

So, have I gotten off track…probably…I do tend to ramble, I know. Well, it’s just on-going thoughts, what do you think?

Just cos I love that I have these hummingbirds nesting outside my door!