Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finola Prescott, Island Effect - Development Consulting, Jewelry Design, Sculptured Tiles

Realizing I haven’t really posted about what I do…so rather than chat about the wonders of the universe and the balance of life etc, etc, I figure I’ll just share a bit about my work – enjoy!

I’ve always loved art, creating, exploring: I think I get it from my Mum, who used to ensure we made Christmas and Easter decorations each year and took delight in covering our house with witches on flying broomsticks (cut out of black paper) at Halloween etc. My Dad isn’t a bad artist either – not too many years ago he dug up some sketches from his schooldays and they weren’t half bad!
School in St. Lucia in my day, did not really have an art class per se – our ‘Mistress of Discipline’ Sr. Claire taught us basics of calligraphy, drawing etc in the lower forms, but once we got down to studying for exams, Art was not so much a priority; we’d be set still lifes…a sewing machine remains in my memory as a project that lasted many weeks. We’d hand in our sketches and get them back with little remarks, but that was about it! 

As is still the case today – 30+ years later, St. Lucia, sadly (shamefully) does not have any art or design studies beyond Form 5, CXC ( GCSE equivalent). So in my day, way before Google, Facebook Pages and even artist Websites, the concept of studying arts, a career in the arts…well, it was not a thing I thought about.

I actually wanted to study computer science – but St. Lucia did not yet see a need for that skill, so it wasn’t on our ‘Priority List’ so neither scholarship nor loan would be available…so…after a couple years working here, I headed off to the UK to work and study. There I discovered studying arts and design and life has not been the same since!

I’ve done a bunch of different things in the arts, crafts and design – made handmade paper for 7 or so years, ran shops selling local arts and crafts, organized international trade shows, local shows etc, and worked a lot in the development of art, craft and design based businesses and the preservation and sustainability of arts and crafts. 

I now share my time between development work and my own creative work; I make mostly jewelry, but am expanding into making sculptural clay tiles…and recently, beekeeping (still a student) let me share a few pictures of what I do…I have a facebook page and you can find me on LinkedIn at

Chunky handmade beads from local St. Lucian clay

Black and White Handmade Clay Pendant and Earrings

Sunset Starfish Handmade Pendant and Earring Set - Local Clay, Copper

Crotons - Handmade Clay Pendant and Earrings set
Porcelain and Fine Silver Sand Dollar on Mixed semi-precious stone necklace

Porcelain and fine silver starfish on mixed stone necklace

Porcelain and Fine Silver Carib Starfish on mixed stone necklace

Porcelain and Fine Silver Sand dollar on mixed quartz necklace

Making a slab-build jug in FAO Training at Choiseul
Preparing Bast Blue Mahoe Fibre at the Fond Assau Agro-Processing Center as part of FAO training
Decorating slab-built jug FAO Training at Choiseul
Learning to Couch Paper at FAAPC, FAO training
Learning to make Handmade Paper Packaging at FAAPC, FAO Training

Students Preparing to unload the kiln, FAO training at Choiseul
Raku Fired mini coalpots, FAO Training at Choiseul
Beautiful coiled wire work by student of OECS/OPAAL training for St. Lucia National Trust,Pointe Sable Environment Protected Area
Beachcombed shells and stones become a lovely necklace in PSEPA Training

Some of the Students of the PSEPA Training learning about using natural materials for decor

Me n the Bees - see

Composting Training as part of 'green' waste management for Hotels training for Travel Foundation

Sculptured tiles in the making