Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby Hummingbird Leaves the Nest

I've been so lucky to have a hummingbird nest outside my front door - been recording from eggs to maturity: yesterday one baby left the nest and this morning I woke up to see the mother feeding and seeming to be coaxing the second one to leave the nest... I've been filming all morning ... until just now, the baby flew away! Special!

Mother bird prepares the baby to leave

Baby gets coaxed out of the nest and coaxed to fly

Baby flies!


  1. Amazing videos. What a privilege for the humming bird to choose your house to build its nest. They are such wonderful creatures. I will be coming to St Lucia over Christmas and I really hope I see a humming bird. I am also hoping to see lots of butterflies, but I can't find much information about them. Do you know if I am likely to see many on St Lucia?

  2. Hi Nick - sorry I took so long to reply - your comment was in my moderation folder n I didn't notice!
    Yes, there are butterflies here - more or less, depending on where you visit and not as many as there was when I was a kid.
    I think there's supposed to be a butterfly park in Soufriere, but am not sure if it survived the hurricane in 2010 - but there are botanical gardens and there's the Maria Islands - home to many types of unique small wildlife
    Hope you get to see lots of everything when you get here!

  3. Finola,
    Thanks very much for the information. You are the first person who has been able to tell me anything about butterflies on St Lucia!!
    The web site you recommend even mentions butterflies on Maria Islands. I am really looking forward to visiting St Lucia. I have never been anywhere like that and I can't wait to visit the rain forests to see the plants and animals there. It sounds amazing!

  4. You're welcome Nick - enjoy your visit!