Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let Go...

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in St. Lucia today – the breeze is strong, the sun baking hot, skies clear blue with velvet-grey tinged puffy white clouds. My house if full of teenage kids as my niece celebrates her birthday. Normally, that might feel like I’m being driven crazy, but they’re all just hanging – watching movies, eating ice cream, reading books, bb-ing, sleeping, giggling…singing a hellava 'Happy Birthday' right now :-) It’s kinda nice.
St. Lucia Skies
It’s been a week of hard work – took up a position on a short project – Green Waste Management for Hotels – and been organizing a workshop…looking good, Monday we’ll see the results! Started one of my ex-students helping me in the studio as I prepare to ‘do Jazz’ – our group, Creative Development Network, has stalls at the Pigeon Island Jazz, so we’re all creating like crazy…feels good – I actually feel creative, feel like making things and that’s a welcome feeling that had become all too unfamiliar to me in the last couple years.
Handmade Paper jewelry
Chunky handmade clay beads - inspired by the rustic natural 'melodies' of the islands
Keep coming back to that fluid balance in life – I’m seeing it more and more as though you have to balance any hardships by making sure you actively see the positives – letting go the stresses, not to pretend they don’t exist, but to allow their balancing gifts their time in your presence; your hands can only hold so much at any one time.

I think sometimes we mix up ‘solving problems’ with ‘holding on to problems’ – thinking that thinking about them over and over, focusing on them will sort them out…sometimes we need to do as my Yoga teacher Anya says as she’s moves our thoughts and breath around our bodies….and…let go…it’s not a shout, it’s a softly spoken, softly urgent, command, like the sleight of hand of a good nurse who plucks the thorn from a child’s foot so they hardly realize they’ve let it happen. We do need to focus of course, but we also need to ‘let go’, let space open for what we haven’t yet seen.

A friend sent an email today with 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy…good advice on the whole like so many lists just like it….like last week’s 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself and countless others I suspect. But it struck me today, the little irony of writing lists of things to do / not to do, to be happy…they all say, ‘don’t try to control everything’…yet in listing the things we do just that…life is such a beautifully complex interlace of variations, vantage points, viewpoints, circumstances, cultures, personalities, histories, situations…how can we ever reduce it to a list of what to do and not do?  Guess that’s why ‘There’s an exception to every rule’ is one of the great truths, and by its own truth therefore has to be false.

And on that note, enjoy the balance of your day friends.