Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day St. Lucia - Tree Planting at Boguis River

Got up early and joined my friends for a tree planting session at orgainized by the St. Lucia National Trust with partners Boguis Bridge on the Marquis River - near the proposed site for a new huge golf course of all things :-(

"As one of the ways to celebrate Earth Day, the Trust in partnership with RISE (St. Lucia) Inc, the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports and the Forestry Department has organized a tree planting initiative along critical rivers in the five Forest Ranges on Sunday, April 22nd from 8:30 a.m. The five Forest Ranges and locations are; Northern – Marquis River, Dennery – Mabouya River, Millet –Roseau River, Quillese – Augier River and Soufriere – Canaries River."

So for Earth Day 2012, here is a picture post today - Tree Planting and then a walk around my garden

One of the Forestry Officers addresses the gathering - Dr Stephen King of RISE and others listen

Ruth - plants our first tree

I plant my first tree - a seedless lime

Roma and her first tree

Colette (birthday girl) plants her first tree under supervision from Patrick, our leader

Tamika plants a nutmeg tree

Kim - probaby his 7th or 8th tree!
Kerene gets a tree planting lesson from Patrick

The landowner and his daughter Tia planting a tree

Another one of the landowners and his son plant a tree
The spines of a silk-cotton tree

a wildplant
another wildplant
a banana plant stem cut and drying

bougainvillia and sky

bougainvillea arch looking at the 'ruins'

palm tunnel


frangipani sky

palm fruits


palm bark

St. Lucia's National tree the calabash

Hummy - her chicks hatched today!