Sunday, March 4, 2012

One Path

I envy the people who know from early, what passion will rule their lives: the surety, the depth of knowledge, skill and familiarity they enjoy within the passion that chose them. When asked, they can say simply, this is what I do, this is what I am. Perhaps, sometimes I allow myself to be consoled, I too have that….but my defining passion is to wander in and out, sampling the breadth of paths, gathering, relating, comparing, combining and perhaps, if blessed, opening a gate to an as yet undiscovered path. Perhaps that is my sure passion. But at times it is a weak consolation – those days when everything about me quietly screams for the simplicity and comfort of just one well defined road, that consolation fails, the joy of adventuring through the unknown is tiring beyond description. 

But then there are days when I know it is the rollercoaster of joys and pains, fear and fascination that is my prize – the fluid balance of knowing you have to lose to gain, let a tear escape to know that you understand what joy really is. Those days when the darkness of the unknown is like a light you know is just around the corner, those are the days when I think perhaps I understand the fullness that life can be.

Neither is better, or less except by our own appreciation

Yesterday’s Walk

Mount Pimard, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia


The First Viewpoint
I'm told it's called 'Francois' Beach
Towards Trouya or looking south
The Path
Do our faces eventually melt back into Gaia?
Solid and Fluid meet and mingle into one
Shaded, broad, cool, sure, comforting
Broader View
The closer view...
has it's own beauty
Journeying, all three, each the same, each different