Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moving Forward

There’s no rewind button in real life – thank goodness: I remember seeing a movie on TV where Hell turned out to be being caught in a never-ending loop of doing the same thing over and over…and over, with the cursed soul trying each time, to make things different… to no avail.

I doubt there’s an honest soul on the planet that can say they don’t wish they had or hadn’t done something or the other; that they could in 20/20 hindsight, mute those words they spoke too hastily, or go back and say what never left their lips…before it was too late. But the reality is, we can only move forward.

How we go on this trek is another matter.

Much in life will remain outside our direct control or even influence, but then every little thing that we do/don’t do, say or don’t say, makes the world of difference to our own journey, and that of the people close to us.

When I finally, just a few months ago, began to learn to run, my coach, Suzanne Sardhina told me that she felt my finally starting to do something I’d wanted to do ‘all my life’ was all part of my making my way forward  in my life. There is certainly something liberating and purposeful about getting up, going out and moving … forward.

Today I did a walk with the Faces of Cancer group here in St. Lucia - like too many people, I've lost quite a few family and friends to cancer and know of too many others fighting to be 'clear'. It makes you stop and think.

Don’t hold back; move forward, purposefully.  Embrace what you feel, don’t let life slip by and slip away – we all leave sometime, but in the meantime, live, love, laugh … and keep on moving forward. 

Cherish the life you have.

In memory of Mike, Myriam, Eileen, Sapphira, Vera-Rose, Matty, and many more

Warming up on a rainy morning - Faces of Cancer Walk
Sarah and Richelle (my sister and neice) warming up
Mary, Kerene, Me and Sarah - a little sleepy but ready to go!

Soccer Practice early Sunday morning in beautiful, overcast St. Lucia
Walking down Morne Serpent Hill
I can't believe this is the first time I'm seeing a Canelle tree - and a little boy came back and told me 'they making tea with that ee. It tasting good' We walked on together for a while chatting
And here he is - a serious young man :-)
A river runs through it....well, a stream...