Thursday, December 15, 2011

Security in Life - how can we achieve it?

What is it that makes life satisfying, makes you feel that it is all alright? I had a chat today at lunch with two friends and one remarked that she had a realization that though many in our circle express their wish to have a partner in their lives, what dawned on her is that it is the security that we seek really. We talked about financial security – retirement or working till you drop, property, passive and residual income – and peace of mind, keeping stress to a minimum and health to a maximum…enjoying life, working hard but not to oblivion.
Sunst Sernity
We didn’t talk about partners– except for the realization that comes, when one parts from a partner, that cost of living is just so, so much higher…and in relation to when there’s a need for another parent.
So perhaps it is security we’re after when we’re keeping an eye out for that one who makes you feel like nesting…it’s an interesting line of thought – and I don’t think we really followed it very far –good substance for another chat some day perhaps.  And of course there are other things that make us look for a partner :-)
I know that I have been blessed to be feeling a lot of contentment in my life in recent times – not borne from the kind of life security like a good pension, or solid investments to retire on, lol, I wish!  Much more, it’s borne of - self-taught - from feeling I had no option but to find ways to be calm, peaceful…contented – even when all around me was really actually just very confusing, confounding…and seemingly beyond my ability to shape in ways that led to security. It took a lot of time and a lot of effort to overcome my ‘normal’ urges to lash back, be depressed , languish in ‘how is me uh’ land. 
A Wall/Limitless Skies
But each small victory I realize, brought not just contentment…it brought a little security.
And it must be said, that for me, to be content, there must be both peacefulness, in a way, stillness– is that what I want to say? Not feeling the need to chase – perhaps that says it better. Well, balance with that and with feeling the urge to live – experience, adventure, see, feel, breathe life. Contentment-security with contentment-openness.
Somewhere in that learning mix comes a realization that there is a lot a person can do to influence their experience of life – not control it, but influence it. When something bad happens, you react badly and multiply that effect and your sight becomes focused on the bad; you react well and cancel at least some of the damage out and you allow yourself to see other possibilities. Live in fear and you will, well, live in fear. Be aware, be prepared and you will find many paths that may have seemed beyond you, can actually be travelled.
Road ahead
This week I was blessed once again with the opportunity to care for someone when they needed it – some of you know I have ‘kids’ ‘daughters by another mother’ who I keep a little eye on and who know they can talk to me when they need to…and like I said this time ‘Can't guarantee I'll have solutions, but I have a good ear…’ Well, apparently I did have some useful, helpful things to say and that was great…’my child’ talked, listened, smiled…she didn’t leave with solutions, but left feeling more able to overcome her challenges. That in itself is great enough,  but what was also a great wonder is that, as always, I come out of these exchanges feeling not just that I have helped create a little bit more security in someone else’s world, but feeling like I am also more secure in my life – a blessing I think.
In the end, many things give security, but I think sometimes we are looking for too big and bright a security light when more often it’s a whole lot of little things that come together and build us a solid house on the rock. And alot depends on what we choose, and indeed, train our perspective to be
What do You see?
And though this isn’t a quote about security per se, I used it this week and it is one that I love

“Raise your words not your voice, for it is rain that grows up trees, not thunder” Rumi

And from the owner of Lightmuse Intuitive Living on Facebook – this came this week ( and I feel confident she won’t mind me sharing it):

“If we believe something is impossible, then it is. There is a tiny core inside you that knows that this is a universe of infinite possibilities. You can find that spark of knowing, and then take action, without knowing how things are going to pan out, just stepping forward despite doubt. You can act on the belief in possibility even if you can't find that spark within, you just know it's there...that's faith in yourself, taking steps and trusting yourself to handle whatever comes along. Don't wait until you feel perfectly ready, that's just fear talking, delaying you from creating something wonderful.”