Sunday, December 18, 2011

Early Morning at the Beach

Sometimes we have to be reminded of what's on our doorstep; a few days ago I was diverted from a planned walk in my sneakers, round the neighbourhood I'm housesitting in when the lady in the apt next door came out to go on her walk at the same moment - she invited "come to the beach and walk then swim with me" I did, and have gone each morning (ok except one) since and today I took a camera so I could share.
arriving at Reduit Beach about 6am

There are always people fishing

The view towards Pigeon Point

Someone's Sandcastle


Wave receding

Leopardskin Wave on beach
Christmas Waves

a good cliche - footprints in the sand
Sea Almond Leaf
Those of us who live in the Caribbean look forward to our 'winter' when the temperatures drop a degree or two - these mornings are beautiful; cool (25-26C) the water is warm and the skies gently coloured. Already in the few days I've been walking, I see the same people on the beach, we say Good that time of day, everyone says Good Morning - security guards, hotel personnel, the man raking the beach, the few visitors who are lucky enough to have woken up's a lovely way to start the day.