Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Walk in the Park

For those of us who live in tropical places, the seasons are rainy n hot or drier and hot - I miss the changing seasons, so being her for Autumn has been great - especially since it has remained so mild. Couple days ago, it was yet another beautifully mild autumn day here in Holland, so I picked up and went across the road to Beatrix Park for a was gorgeous, so I took a few...ok, a lot, of pictures and a video which I thought you might like for a change.

Please, if you would like to use any of these or other pictures on my blog, drop me a line/post a comment and if it's a website/blog use, a link is great - otherwise, hope you sharing enjoy my walk in the park.

The first splash of colour entering Beatrix Park
those lovely orange trees
my favourite path - under the tree
it's those trees again - the contrasts of all the kinds of trees is lovely

leaf patterns 1
leaf patterns 2
leaf patterns 3

leaf patterns 4, near the RAI
leaf patterns 5, in the herbal garden - the herbs are pretty much gone for the winter
slightly confused daisy
slightly confused dandilion
my favouirte path going back
the highway and offices are just over the water
weeping willow reflected
sounds of the park as time floats by
peaceful shade
and forms in textures
and caught forever in freefall
parakeets...(un)naturally live here
pigeons of course
and lots of aquatic birds
easy pictures, peacefull...

and elegant

boats and leaves
summer has officially ended...

But life is still good