Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life is Good...

So today I woke up, in my friend's apartment that I'm house-sitting, opened the windows, stood at the kitchen sink 'washin' the wares', breathed in the warm rainy air and thought once again...Life is good.

Turned 47 a couple days ago...the day before, when I'd normally be doing something to celebrate my last day of the current age, I was sick n half sleeping all day - some kind of 1 day bug...such is life. Didn't seem to stop me from still feeling that Life is Good.

That evening I started getting Happy Birthday wishes as Facebook told people on the other side of the world that it was June 17th, Finola's Birthday today! Yes, Life is Good.

The morning of my birthday my alarm ripped me from my sleep at 5:30 am...I had a 6am appointment: Cake and non-alcoholic champagne is the tradition for breakfast at our house, so I had to get up there on time, cos I knew they'd be waiting...
My Cake!
The drive up was just beautiful - moon setting in the West and sun rising over the hills in the East.
Moon setting about 5:45am June 17th
Sun Rising about 5:55am June 17th
Can I say it again? Life sure is Good.

6pm that evening I started a lovely evening with friends, a few were missing, but still, it was good - balmy and beautiful on the boardwalk at the marina, plenty 'ol' talk'...took the whole next day to recover from just 2 1/2 margueritas and still felt Life is Good.
Sunset at the Marina, June 17th 6:30ish
So this morning, when that warm soft air hit me, I had a serious urge to get out of the house, partly due I'm sure to the fact that yesterday, though I thought about going out about every 2hrs or so, just couldn't rouse myself from lazing around all day :-). Say it with me "Life is Good!"

I've always loved swimming in the I put on my swimsuit, waited for the downpour to ease, got in the car and drove to Pigeon Point. I was the only person there - aside from the Security at the Landings - a welcome safe feeling. The water was just warm enough, crystal clear - I could easily pick out shells and sea glass from the sand below me. Soon enough I had a half a dozen little sand-coloured fish swimming around my ankles looking up expectantly to see if I'd feed them I guess. I love when that happens...Life sure is Good.
Deserted but beautiful even in the rain
Was getting a bit peckish, so I headed up for breakfast at the family home, turned the car around on the way to photograph my favourite little Flambouyant tree that is just beautiful - despite the inexplicable presence of piles of yard trash that just isn't getting moved..
Beauty Persists, the lovely little Flambouyant tree
Unexpectedly the family were all home, and I got to chat with my sister, chat with Pa Clark on Father's Day, see my niece all perky and full of beans...picked up windfall mangoes from the soft rainsoaked uncut grass...fussed the dogs, swung a while in the hammock....came back here for coffee and skyped with my other sister who lives far away...

Life is what you make it. Life is Good.