Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pausing Posting

Well, this is why I don't make New Year's resolutions :-) I had said to myself that I would 'just post once a week' ... but that ain't even happening! So, here it is: I made a decision last week to take a short break off voluntary activities - as President of our new group Creative Development Network, as unofficial liaison for traditional crafters in Choiseul, and today as unofficial intermediary for supplier and buyer...and focus on just my own personal business for a while. Posting on the blog is gonna be a bit on hiatus for a while too I think.
But what I will do, is keep popping up a few photos and a few short notes, so hope you'll stay with me and enjoy the scenery along the way!
beautiful bougainvilla outside my home studio
teatime on the verandah snapping whatever catches the eye
lunchtime at my favourite spot when I'm 'in town' - Vigie Beach
almost suset at one of my other favourite spots - Pigeon Island Causway with friends
quintessential Caribbean - red hibiscus, blue puff-clouds sky