Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fly Me to the Moon…

Moon Set over the Caribbean Sea
…let me play amongst the stars…
Last night I dreamt of flying for the first time in ages! In this dream I was in a sturdy pair of Doc Martins or some similar boot with a good anti-skid tread on it :-) and I was running, jumping and skipping in the pouring rain, trough a muddy, puddle-filled field (surefooted in my well-treaded boots)….I’d gone back ‘somewhere’ to get long forgotten belongings and had them in a huge dufflebag…carting them off to wherever I was now going…and then, just as it always is, I figured “Why just walk/run/skip n jump when you can fly?” And off I went…soaring happily through the storm-filled clouds without a doubt that I was totally in charge.
Different people who know me may figure this is about a varying set of things…maybe it is, but, I love dreaming of flying and this one was a good one…
Last few days have had a variety of opportunities and challenges tossed up at me from every encounter I’ve had, creating a pretty full range of emotional, intellectual and practical challenges in an action-packed short space of time...too much to go into here…even allowing for my fondness for prattling on and on! But it obviously has fed my ‘Carpe Diem’ side…no small achievement with the ridiculous issue of our murder rate in St. Lucia being part and parcel of these interactions I’ve been involved in.
But what I’ve seen, and I think is part of what’s fed into my ability to fly joyfully in Doc Martins through stormy skies, is that I’ve been genuinely surprised by discoveries of the existence of positive attitudes, creative abilities, understanding, caring, where I thought I would never begin to see it…and reconfirmation of what has been pointed out to me is probably my best character asset…my ability to see another side of things and present it in a way that helps find solutions. And I took some criticism of my work in stride and was not floored by it, but found I could take my own advice and see it as constructive and make positive moves from it…
Some days I think we all just lose sight of what it’s possible for us to achieve; we cloud our skies with the worries of unfair competition, assumptions of persons motives, fear of sharing our knowledge lest we hand over power and income to others, despair when we feel impotent in the face of our home country being taken over by crime and violence – when in reality, yes, it’s a very real problem, but is NOT an accurate representation of us as a people, but IS a challenge to us to rise above, cut a better path, step up, cast off those bad habits that limit us.
We forget that we need to believe, really believe, that we can fly above it all.
I spent the last two weeks teaching a group of ladies – young and less young, from a variety of backgrounds, in an area of St. Lucia that in my mind is synonymous with, hmmm, ok, lets just say, not being overly proactive about seizing the day…Well, what a surprise I was in for…and a reminder that you can never assume things are as your memories of past experience paints them. As usual, although from comments made by some of the trainees, I know I gave well and in plenty, I also know I gained at least as much as I gave…I didn’t worry about the limit of what I ‘should’ give…I thought more about how can I make sure I give these enthusiastic and obviously talented people enough ‘tools’ to create an un-douseable flame of confidence. I may not have achieved it for all participants – it was a big class, and short hours, limited physical tools, and even my personal limitations – but I’m proud of what they achieved and so would like to share some pictures of their work with you…and just before that mention a special thanks to Nadia Jabour for accompanying me for two sessions and sharing her enthusiasm, ideas and skills so freely.
And if you are in St. Lucia, come see us next Saturday 26th Feb at the Craft & Farmers’ Market, Coco Cabana Car Park, (behind-ish-next-to Rituals) Rodney Bay.
So - Carpe Diem! Seize the Day! – and worry less about what others are going to /not going to be, and just make sure you focus on being all that you can be – that alone will make a world of difference.
Recycled Copper Wire Bangle

recycled wire, re-used bead-pendant

Textures, colours, simplicity - Pride!

Framed! Taking on the challenge of keeping it minimalistic...dyed natural materials

forged fence wire - forged on a coalpot! I did not teach this - her husband, a cobbler, encouraged by her enthusiasm, guided her through this - the top is forged into a 'bead cap' too!

Concentration! Making a decorative wreath

Beach combing and recycled cardboard picture frame

recycled wire and found shells necklac

Recycled Wire and found shells necklace
Selection of multi-media collage pendants and brooches

Graduated - happy despite that snacks
never arrived on the final day!