Monday, November 29, 2010

Why Write a Blog? Post Tomas Reflections and Plans

I still ask myself that question often, "Why write a blog?" Even though in recent times, due to my attempts to provide info on what’s been going on in St. Lucia during and after Hurricane Tomas, I have had no need to question why. Far from it, I have finally found out what it feels like to do something useful!
Ok, ok, I have done other useful things for true, but this has been special and I understand why people say they’re humbled by someone’s gratitude…it’s a feeling that lifts you up at the same time planting your feet square on your tiny little bit of terra firma. You’d think you’d feel all blown up n grande when people are excited to meet ‘the person’ who writes ‘the blog’… but really, well for me, all jests about ‘my fans’ aside (and we’ve had plenty :-) for real, it’s humbling…a great, solid feeling of raison d’être.
I just wanted to say that. Thank you all – old n new, thank you for reading.
It’s one thing to feel like you have something to say, but it’s entirely another universe when someone actually thinks so too...and when several think so… and think also, that it’s worth sharing their views with you…Well, it is definitely why I blog…
Not that now and then there’s not plenty of blah-de-snore stuff in-between there, guilty, guilty, guilty. Those probably are days I should not have blogged. But those of you who have been with me from the start through the blah and the aha - thank you all for sticking through it. Those of you who found this blog in a time of tragedy for us, I hope you stick around and share some more time with me and my various thoughts and observations on life in the Caribbean.
Soon we will be launching an online auction of art and designer craft from St. Lucia – proceeds to go towards a fund that we’re putting together - inspired by the sudden tragic loss of Livity Art Studio, Sabi, Eugenia, their kids, Edge and perhaps more friends.
We are still putting together the fine print on what the fund will be used for, but in general, as the weeks go by, it’s becoming more and more obvious that recovery is going to be a long, hard road and as an artist-designer-trainer-developer, it’s easy to see that our already struggling artisans are in for a challenge with lost materials and stock and as we watch the High season for sales, dwindling post Tomas.
I’m not alone in seeing this – many of us are recognizing the need to move to make economic activity happen and hand back the power of independent earning to as many as possible; so the fund will be for that purpose – primarily for artisans. Most likely we will encourage people to put in requests and a designated group will review them and do what we can with the funds that we raise.
So please do stay tuned – and when we get going, I’ll ask that you spread the word too, for the auction and the other activities we’ll be promoting – get some Livity going all round!
Handpainted Calabash Bowl, Livity (photo Finola Prescott)
Calabash Car, Livity (photo Finola Prescott)
Handpainted Calabash 'Edge', Livity (photo Farida Daher-Bousquet)
Calabash Vase and Bowl, Livity, (photo Farida Daher-Bousquet)