Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hurricane Tomas - Updates for Sunday 7th Nov

I took a short trip to Soufriere yesterday to see Tim and collect Christalee - and in the course of the day there were many discussions on how to most effectively manage the assistance that's coming in: there are so many good people out there really wanting to help and that's great...coordinating it all is not an easy task for our tiny island and our tiny human resources!

I'm just going to post some info links - and some pictures today - having a family day today!

I did manage to get the confirmed rainfall figure from the Met Office via a very unassuming lady who has been feeding me much info, her initials are A.A. :-)

Rainfall at Vieux Fort during the 24 hr period Tomas was over us: 593.1mm (that's 23.35 inches for us non-metric ppl) CNN quoted it as "2 years rainfall" This is what caused us the problems - that MASSIVE amount of rain lifted the mud off our hills and took it along with the water. So, where in some places the floods do damage and then the water subsides, in St. Lucia, many places were buried in mud - up to the top of the ground floor or the roof in one story buildings.

That huge amount of water has undermined a lot of roads - Bexon river I understand, is now level with the road, so as happened yesterday, a little rain, and it flooded again making that route impassable and further marooning Bexon.

The Prime Minister has now revised damage estimates to $500 Million EC$ - about $186 Million MY MISTAKE it's $500 Million US. It will take a lot of assistance to get back up n running in this regard. The positive news is that certainly in Soufriere, NEMO and the Red Cross have now gotten systems in place to deal with the immediate emergency needs and have sufficient immediate supplies. More will be needed over time, but perhaps of a different nature than the first week's needs - I'll try to find out as best I can, what those needs are so that those of you who are helping can be guided better.

Ok, here are some links: – A page with quite a bit of good info and links

National Emergency Management Organization NEMO

From the St. Lucia High Commission in London.
Donations can be made to the Saint Lucia Disaster Relief Fund at Barclays Bank.
Account number is 23 83 92 65 Sort code: 20 35 90

ONTONTO/GTA Area - the Consulate General's office in Toronto has set up a relief fund and will be our main location to drop off any goods that you would like to send down to St. Lucia. KLC Freight which is a Toronto -based shipping agency, owned by St. Lucians has agreed to send stuff down to St. Lucia in collaboration with the Consulate. Please contact them for details.

An Event Page set up by Olivia Cadet - I have no info on who they are coordinating with, but, nonetheless:

Confirmed: The OAS sets up relief fund for Caribbean Nations affected by Tomas (Gleaner)

 Please scan through previous posts (Older Posts link at bottom of page) for other contacts - Rotary, Red Cross and a few others - thank you!

On behalf of many people - Thank You all for your concern and help, we do need it and it is VERY much appreciated.

Road to Soufriere (Timothy Prescott)

Beginning the clean up (Tim Prescott)

Near Miss (TP)

Near Miss Palmiste (TP)

Villa de Piton (TP)

Road in Palmiste - fallen away (TP)

Road to Castries nr Palmiste (TP)

Palmiste (TP)

Navigating down Palmiste (TP)

Mud Filled house (TP)

Landslide at Livity Arts Studio (TP)

Queuing at the Supermarket (TP)

Palmiste Rd (TP)

Lady going for water (TP)

First search for Sabi and Family (TP)

Sign - Welcom (TP)

Climbing for water (TP)
Red Cross volunteers watch the unwanted rains (FP)

Rain over the Pitons - not what we need now (Finola Prescott)

Palmiste road (still) (FP)

The Bounty Rum shop...(FP)
What remains of the Bounty Rum shop (FP)

Landslip near Soufriere town (FP)

Landslip beneath road out of Soufriere south (FP)

Road out of Soufriere (FP)

Leaving Soufriere - Beautiful St. Lucia (FP)
Sunset over St. Lucia yesterday (FP)