Friday, November 5, 2010

Hurricane Tomas - updates for Friday 5th November

Good morning - 
The good news is, yesterday I finally talked to my husband Tim and step-daughter, Christalee! It has been a really odd thing trying to decide whether to go down to look for them or not and has, for me, really focused a light on how convoluted and conflicting the information flowing in and out has been. In hindsight, I wish I had picked my butt up and just gone down myself, but you can't go back and I am ever so grateful that they also know me well enough to know how I was thinking too - it is just so good to know they are ok. Tim has been working with crews on the scene - I knew he would be - and Christalee, star that she is, has been 'doing her schoolwork'. Hoping she'll be up in Castries today to get some much needed rest and comfort. Tim I suspect, will choose to go back and help more for now...

On to the general business now:
Radio 100 Helen FM has a telethon on tv and radio today, Friday 5th – be prepared to give what you pledge! PLEASE if you pledge – PAY IT IN! My mother used to say, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” – I’ve grown to understand what she meant –and for this case, it’s that a pledge is only any good if it is turned into real money at our end…and pledges that are not fulfilled end up COSTING money as time and effort has to be spent chasing them up…PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY AND QUICKLY.
The Youth Group will be collecting clothing, dry goods etc at the Rodney Bay Marina today, Friday 5th from 7:30 am (maybe even 7 am, but I confess, I can’t find where I wrote that note!) Ok, found the note – 7am, so on your way to work, drop off you stuff
The Rotary Club of St. Lucia is mobilizing a lot of aid – working also with NEMO, so for those of you who are requesting alternative organizations to donate to – here are the details
Bank of St. Lucia, A/C No. 510753056 Rotary Club of Gros Islet Charity Account, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, West Indies. 
Swift Code: BOSLLCLC

If you donated please then follow it up with an email to Bernard Rattray Treasurer confirming the amount, who sent it, and which bank you sent your payment from.NB CORRECTED EMAIL: or

From Dr. Bird and Dr. Stephen King are our senior medical professionals and are fully involved in the relief effort

Garbage bags
Water – if possible
Old Mattresses or pieces of foam
Clothes of any kind – any size shape or form
Sanitary pads
Toiletries (soap etc0
Dry food


Quote from Dr. Bird:
“If we can get more water, clothes, Pampers, wipes , sanitary pads, toiletries, dry food we will be grateful….we are now also in Bexon & Marc where the physical help may be needed…will give you a call later on that count”

It is emerging that Marc and Bexon, are very hard hit with a lot of damage to property and many people in need, so please assist if you can – for those who wish to send from overseas specifically to this need – I will find out if there is a direct way and keep you posted

So many people are asking about shipping barrels to relatives…OK, the situation as of now, is that we have 1 confirmed shipping special and are hoping for more.
We do not have duty free for personal shipments – I believe there is duty free if you send items for Red Cross or NEMO as detailed in yesterday’s post.
If you wish to send a barrel for your family, please do – BUT make sure you have contacted them and I would suggest you make arrangements to Western Union or Moneygram them some funds in case they have to pay duties and also to cover and basic clearance fees and transportation to their homes…Cover all the bases.
ADVICE from a friend at LIAT Cargo - DO NOT send car parts, electronics, toiletries - send food and used clothing, pharmaceuticals, baby care etc - these things most likely will be allowed in duty free, but Customs WILL be examining barrels and parcels and if they have car parts, electronics etc, they WILL attract duties.

Here is the info for AT COST shipping from the USA

Dear All,

Caribbean Cargo & Package is providing cost price shipping from New York to Saint Lucia.

Deliveries can be dropped or sent to:

St. Lucia Hurricane Relief
Caribbean Media Exchange (CMex)
c/o Caribbean Cargo & Package Services
147-48 176th Street, Jamaica, NY 11434
Tel: 718-995-2055 / Fax: 718-995-0656
Contact: Mr. Frankin (Bobby) Vieira

Thank you and god bless

Minister of Toursim – St. Lucia will be open for Business
Ok, with caution, I post this; all reports are that at this moment, the estimated time to get the Roseau Dam running again are 3 or more weeks – and that’s from the initial assessment team.
Some hotels have their own reverse osmosis water systems and some will import water – but be prepared – come ready to conserve your water usage and support the economy by spending generously! We do need our tourism industry to function as best it can, and that means we need people to still come here on holiday…but we’ll also need your understanding that we most likely won’t be at 100% at this time, ok?
I hear Cruise Ships will return as of Sunday - they can carry their own water, but as long as people realize many sites will not be operational but you can shop and eat and enjoy St. Lucia for the day and help us get back as much to normal as we can!
Amazing how many birds are coming to feed in our yard after the storm

My Alma Matar, St. Joseph's Convent Secondary School received minor damage - looking to install water tanks now
MORE UPDATES LATER TODAY - I got to get some breakfast now :-)