Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hurricane Tomas - Updates for early Saturday 6th

Ok, I have to give my opinion first this morning, then give y’all a few updates:
Many people are rushing to step in a do their best to deliver relief to areas where people seem not be being cared for. FANTASTIC intentions…and YES – NEMO and the Red Cross are VERY stretched in their resources, but a BIG part of that is not having people work WITH them. Can we PLEASE leave criticizing their efforts until after the event and if you have not gone in and volunteered with them to assist them in doing their work, then you DO NOT know why or what is keeping any of their efforts back…
PLEASE keep donating, collecting, organizing and yes, if you have particular people to look after – family, employees etc, by ALL means, go ahead. But PLEASE also, refrain from criticizing the agencies that are at the core of the bigger effort, the larger picture … NONE of us can look after the tens of thousands of people who need relief now and in the long run – ONLY through co-ordinated efforts will we be able to make sure assistance gets to the ‘right’ people…So…
IF you still want to work independently – PLEASE send in a concise message to NEMO and the Red Cross to inform them of who and what you are delivering so they do not have to waste their already stretched resources planning for the same people only to find out they have been given immediate relief already.
Please don't criticize yet, just deliver and leave it at that.
If you have a 4 Wheel vehicle – let them know. PLEASE keep donations coming in to all collection points. Offer your services especially if you have organizational skills, data recording skills, etc. Red Cross and NEMO.
OK – please forgive me for not posting much more this morning – I have to rush out – I’ll just post this info from LIME so you can know where is back up with service -

LIME is pleased to announce the restoration of various services to the following areas as at 8:30pm Friday 5 November:

MOBILE: Canaries, Morne Panache, Bordelais, Dennery and La Caye

INTERNET: all areas except Saltibus, Grace, Des Barras, Soufriere and Choiseul

LANDLINE: Dennery, Soufriere, parts of Vieux Fort

DIGITAL TV: Dennery, parts of Desruisseaux

LIME engineers are still working to restore landline, Internet, mobile and digital tv service islandwide by this weekend. LIME outlets are now open at Vieux Fort, Soufriere, Blue Coral Mall in Castries and Bay Walk Mall in Rodney Bay. To report any major outages, please call 4519191. LIME wishes to thank its customers for their patience and understanding.

Additionally, in an effort to spread more assistance, all landline customers whose service was temporarily disconnected, will be reactivated to One Way status, until the week ending November 22nd. These reconnections have already started in the North of the island and are presently continuing to the other parts of the island.
I will try to post more later - please check older posts for contact info for NEMO, Red Cross, Rotary and a few others...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!