Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stop to Smell the Roses

It's been an exhausting couple of weeks - between writing project tenders, conducting training seminars, trying to make jewelry, personal stuff, and rainy season humidity n heat...well, it's been tiring!

At the same time though, I've had a wonderfully interesting time - interacted with so many different people in different ways, and been reminded of how a kind hand and good company can make all the difference in life. I'm blessed to have had that in abundance recently - you all know who you are :-)

So today I took a moment to smell the roses and just invite you to do the same.

June Rose in full July bloom..go figure...
The bees know to stop n smell the roses...
There are SO many butterflies in the was hard to focus :-\
Could he be much happier?
and I suspect I know which 3 dogs did this and where they live...
See you soon,