Sunday, July 11, 2010

It’s The Thought That Counts

My Mum used to say this when we got gifts that we didn’t really like or when we worried what we would give people because we couldn’t afford to buy a gift. It’s a saying that’s stayed with me over all the years and the strange thing is that each time I think it, I seem to find a different relevance or interpretation.

When you give a gift, do you think of what you’d like to give, or what the person would really like to receive? Really, how many of us truly understand what those special other people in our lives would really like to get from us – and not just for their birthday, how about day in and day out?
If we get them something that we ‘settled’ for, thinking at the time “Oh well, I tried! It’s a good gift and they should be happy I spent so much time trying!” Does that really count for anything if they don’t like it? Does it make it ok that we gave up and settled if they do like it?

What about daily? Is it just me, or is it difficult sometimes both to know when to step back and stop trying to give and just as much, to extricate yourself when someone/people are getting what they want to give mixed up with what you want to receive? What do your thoughts of frustration count for then? Whatever happened to 'Be Grateful'? Lol.
And what about us when we receive? If we feel a twinge of disappointment when we unwrap a gift that we aren’t so keen on, yet for which we can see it’s obvious the giver is brimming over with delight feeling they found the perfect gift for us...what do our thoughts count for then?
Then there’s the flip-side – does it really count for anything if we keep writing the same thing on our ‘To Do’ lists? - ‘Visit Aunty’ - That thought repeated daily over months...counts for something eh? Bad Karma probably – what use is a thought if we don’t follow it through?
And when do you put your thoughts in their place? It’s easy to allow yourself sometimes to lean to one side or the next – going overboard thinking of others or stuffing your belly full only thinking of yourself...hmmm, what’s the count at now?
Well, now I’ve managed to make that thought that I really should write a blog post count for something....hope you guys enjoyed it - and have some witty, serious, cheeky, whatever thoughts of your own on the subject to toss into the mix...I do genuinely love to hear from you!