Friday, April 23, 2010


Some days there is magic in the air...

Bright bougainvillea below the Petit Piton View

 Early dusk, rain clouds and sunset play over the mountains - 
Mount Parasol, Petit Piton, The Morne

Perhaps the drought caused the briliant flowering now after the rains

Healing Aloes catching the last of the sun

 'Cap Tea House' - morning and evening we sit here to drink tea...

 Cloud over La Sourciere
  The Enchanted Forest....


Renewal...dry Flambouyant seedpods, ready to make more trees

 Renewal - new Cashew leaves grow as old ones are eaten

Natural landscape

 East North East past Saline Pointe

Of into the Sunset

 Afterburn...the drama of the final embers

And the evening opens...lights start to glow as the sunset fades