Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oops! Can’t Undo…

My thoughts often, way too often, race ahead of my fingers and while most times the result is just that my backspace button gets worn out, sometimes it results in my having taken actions that can’t be undone…oops…

Now, let me say, that’s why I love Gmail’s ‘unsend’ button…but there are occasions when gremlins cut off your internet just at that ‘right’ moment and for all Gmail’s profound understanding of the sad limitations of human beings….their attempts to provide a safety valve fail.

So what does a person do? Laugh at yourself is a good option for a start. Roll on the floor, giggling and covering your embarrassed mouth with your hands…like that’s gonna save you next time ;)

Course it’s not just emails sent astray by wicked fingers, there are, at least for me, many times I would like to hit rewind for what I’ve said, laughed at, cursed at…done…but what can you really do?

And what if you are at the receiving end of someone’s quickdraw actions? What do you do then? Be vex with dem? Nah, that doesn’t make sense…mistakes get made, and as I was just reading in one of my early-up posts, Life of Starting Outs, I am (very) comforted that some clichés exist because they are true…mistakes, blunders, they’re there to be forgiven and to be learned from, and sometimes it’s by making them in the first place that we find ways to grow that would otherwise have eluded our fragile beings.

Life is good…blunders n all, just let it be, and whether at the giving or receiving end, remember to laugh at yourself once in a while.