Friday, April 16, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Thoughts and feelings unfold in their own time, one moment the vision that you see is so clear and true and the next, a new truth unfolds before you, despite you....can you really determine, or at least alter the course of your life, if even for a moment, by the words that you think, speak and write?
I am not the best read of people…I do love to read, but hardly seem to manage to get a chance far less finish a book...Now, as I write that, seeing my title hovering above, and knowing the content of what I want to say, it’s mildly ironic, so I’m cracking one of my wry smiles. But why I say that, is to let you know most of what I write here just comes from the heart and from interactions with people and life that inspire…no hard n fast statistically proven theories, just my thoughts and experiences…
Recently, if I was more ‘Lucian’ than I already am, I’d be thinking somebody put something under the carpet in the church with my name on it…or tied something to my door where no-one, least of all me, would see it…It’s as though my thoughts and words come to life…and most often of their own interpretation, you know, related to my thoughts but not quite what I was thinking of…
I can pretty much understand those that are vocalized, but those that are not…the ones that flit around mischievously between sense and foolishness…or conscious determination and half asleep daydreams…those are the ones that surprise me with the reaction of the world around me…If I could only focus more...would I get more of what I want? Or better still, what I actually need?
Hello, no. It’s  none of anybody’s business what exactly those wants n needs are, so stop wondering :) But I’m sure many of you have had similar things happen; perhaps dismissed as mere coincidence…but are they really? For instance, late the other night, something happened that I was so furious about. I wrote to myself about it expressing the anger I felt eating out my belly…and as I did that, the anger grew…suddenly the dogs outside got up from their sleep and started to fight, just like that. It stopped my anger in its tracks and I started to write for understanding and safety for the person who’d raised that anger in me…ask for them to be held in the safety of ‘God’s’ hand…and the dogs stopped fighting. 
There is no doubt in my mind and my heart that what we say, feel, speak and write…and yes, too, what we do, will find it’s way into our lives. The magic of it is that it will most often surprise us when it turns up.
Be careful what you wish for :)