Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On Soulmates

What is it that draws us to people in life? For girls growing up, I think we are lucky many of us, we bond naturally with other girls and we share everything from jokes that squeeze laughter out of us until our lungs wonder if they’ll ever see air again, to tears of broken young hearts and many memory makers of all kinds in-between.

When it comes to falling in love, for much of our youth, so many of us choose the person who makes our heart chase the breath from inside us and the sweat rush to our cheeks. They may never be more than a thrilling chemistry experiment, but they capture our entire beings and drown out our senses with the rush of young love.  Invariably, it ends…sometimes as easily drifted out of as it was rushed in, but more often than not – at least in my experience, in tears cried silently, photographs, letters, diary pages, torn and binned with the old banana skins. We find this lesson hard to learn, if that is our nature.

Some understand from earlier, that there is more. Some hope in their deepest heart that there is more, but whether they believe it? Maybe not. Maybe it seems too idealistic to be true.

For us in my generation who grew up in the small islands, our friends and soulmates of youth, like us, head out to explore the world, some come back, some find new homes in America, UK, Finland.., Years pass and we all lose touch with most of the people we once could not imagine life without. The youth today may not understand what it is like for us 40-somethings to have gone years forgetting faces, names, hearts. So it is that now, we are taking over Facebook with a vengeance; the thrill of finding old friends and falling back into each others lives, finding out that people you hardly knew in schooldays turn out to be people who you can share endless good conversations with, who in the smallest of sentences hold up a mirror that finally lets you see clearly where you were.

And in your maturity, whether it comes in years of hard-ears learning, or whether you are blessed to see wisdom earlier in life, you may be lucky enough to understand that a soulmate is a gift, someone that has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. ( and I should give credit for that, Richard Bach)

It’s tempting to say, hold on to them, cherish them and don’t let them slip out of your lives, but that’s the thing with soulmates, time may pass, miles and life may stretch your bonds, but they will be there, whether a day or 1000 days have passed, regardless of what you have or have not done…it’s part of the magic of life.

See you around :)