Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where DID The Year Go?

So, it’s coming to the end of the year and frankly, mwe las (I’m tired). All I want for Christmas is a chance to take a few days off and relax. BUT…I know I’m not really going to; is that the curse or the blessing of being a ‘creative’? Can you ever really take time off? I know lots of bloggers write about how to do this, how to work smart, not hard; I’ve written a little about it myself – at least what I think about what others are saying and my own sparse efforts to do as they say. But alas, I remain ever active, doomed to enjoy the odd bit of work when I should be resting!

Truth be told, all I really want for Christmas is to get some more things done so that maybe in the New Year, then I can take those few days of rest. Unless of course, getting those few things done now leads to the jobs and work I want coming on stream in January, and then, well, would I be complaining that I’m a little ‘las’? No.

I’m doomed.

It’s been an interesting year, you know, like the Chinese wish – may you live in interesting times. Challenges have not been, by any measure, rare, and keeping the focus needed to overcome them has been trying at times and year-end has not been an exception; I feel a bit like a child that must have gotten on Santa’s ‘No Toys’ list the way the challenges have been flying at me these last few weeks. But it’s ok, ‘cos for me, for a long time, Christmas has not been about getting gifts wrapped up in pretty paper, (although I still do get them too – yay!) its been about being able to slow down a bit, take a little time to look around and be grateful for what I have, look back over the year(s) and lay some fairly serious critiquing down and lay out some plans for attacking the New Year with renewed enthusiasm, renewed faith and a new(ish) plan.

New Years Resolutions? Good grief no. It’s not that they’re not meant to be a good thing, or even perhaps were sometime ago, but like Commercial Christmas, I think they’ve now become a bit of a huff and bother; something we feel pressured into having and therefore, once we’ve combobulated our own personal list of self recriminations and regrets, we promptly assign them to the ‘Procrastinate’ file. Or at least that’s what happens with mine. So I’ve struck them off my list, they just make me feel badderer than I need to.
Beauty all Around Us
Photo: Finola Prescott
I’m adopting the ‘Give Thanks’ list though; this I find to be a very useful practice; done first thing each morning, last thing at night, on all special occasions and especially during moments of ramblings off focus. Suitable for anytime really.

So, since you’re still reading,

Thank You each and every one who passes here

Thank you readers of this blog – who’ve kept with me through moments of good posts and periods of lesser content. And big thanks to those of you especially who took time to comment on posts here, on facebook or in an email; it really does make it all worthwhile.

Thank You those of you whose blogs I read, who provide inspiring thoughts and suggestions – I do appreciate them all, even when I still don’t do as I’m told I should.

Thank you family and old friends. You all know how grateful I am for you.

Thank you, new friends I’ve made online, most of whom I’ve never met in person, but with who I’ve shared some pretty good times already.

Thank you those of you who choose to share a bit of the journey with me.

May you all be blessed with good fortune for 2010, strength to accept each challenge that presents itself and the blessing of creative inspiration to find opportunity in them and solutions for each and every one. Many triumphs, success, health, good friends, peace and happiness all round.

Feel free to share anything you’d like to (‘cept spam of course!) Advice? Random thoughts? Considered thoughts?
Greetings and Salutations?
In case I haven’t mentioned it enough…
I LOVE hearing from you!

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