Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dance Out There Needs Your Support

Dance Out There is a new and unique Caribbean competitive dance event that gives Caribbean Street Dance performers a rare opportunity to showcase their dance artistry and technique, in it’s many forms, whether hip hop, passa passa, or break dance.

‘Street Dance’ has become very popular with the youth in the region – but there’s little or no link to the potential for providing real artistic expression or to the possibilities for employment and income earning – Dance Out There was conceived to build that path.

The competing Crews (groups) will be rewarded for their creativity, showmanship and artistic expression. All performances are expected to be in good taste, with attention paid to safety and the entire competition is being done ‘alcohol free’ as most of the competitors and fans will be youth in school or recently left school. The overall concept is to push the positive potential of the dance.

Timothy Prescott, himself one of the region’s early ‘hip hop’ dancers, a member of the very popular Barbadian ‘Wee Bopp II’ group of the 1980s, saw the potential for these fledgling groups and set out to put together this regional competition that would provide a platform for the groups to be seen, compete and develop their skills and make connections with people who can provide work for the groups; musicians making videos, advertisers, hotels and show promoters.

The longer term aims include sending the regional winners to compete internationally and bringing in international street dance stars to coach and mentor the local groups.

At this point, competitions are slated to be held in Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent Grenada, Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica, Antigua,

So far, it has been a personally funded project, assisted by community persons and small business trading in-kind assistance. The reality is that getting sponsorship for such new ventures is not easy, especially in the current economic hard times, and with the decision made to keep the shows non-alcohol, unfortunately it immediately rules out a very lucrative group of potential sponsors.

So the plan is to pull off the first local competition - Barbados – home turf - and use this to secure fuller funding/sponsorship for other islands and ideally, for the entire regional competition.

So far, the Barbados preliminaries have been held and video can be seen on the website: www.danceoutthere.com and on the facebook group www.facebook.com and search the group name Dance Out There – or use this tinyurl: http://preview.tinyurl.com/yhewdps

The Barbadian final is set for December 18th at the Bajan Culure Village, Waterford – and the aim is to kick the show up a notch with higher quality – broadcast quality – video and a small number of performances by other artistes.

Funding is needed to make this happen – even if you have not been a part of organizing any event like this, you’d be aware that it costs quite a bit and while Tim is great at what he does, he’s not superhuman, he needs support and assistance to get this show really on the road and give these creative youth the opportunity they truly need.

We've set up an online fundraiser and you can help by donating US$10 or more – the funds will be used to go towards operating costs – lighting, sound, performers fees, videography costs, prize money. And if you do choose to support this event, we’d be very grateful also if you promote this fundraiser to others you feel might like to join in.

Promotion is being handled at this point, by a collaborative effort – all the groups are distributing fliers, promoting to their fans on Facebook and selling tickets but if enough is collected, radio promotion will be done as well. You can join the Facebook group and promote the event on your profile also and on any social network you belong to – online and in the real world! It all helps.

If you’re interested in giving more substantial support or sponsorship or wish to give 'in kind', or if you need further info, please contact Tim at prescott.tim@gmail.com or kinemamarketing@gmail.com or call 246 242 8862.

Note to Caribbean supporters - unfortunately, as fate would have it, as we were putting up this fundraising page, a problem arose with the host's server and it appears some regional ip addressess cannot get through - please, if you'd like to help and you can't get through - drop us a line and we'll give you local bank details or an address to send a draft if you'd like. JUST ADDED - Paypal 'Donate' Button at top of the post - you can use this to give your support!

Thank you, as they say, in advance, for any and all the support you can give.

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