Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Investing In Women Awards Grant to Women Business Owners

Just coming off talking about networking – I got this in my inbox and am happy to publicize the first grant award of Investing in Women; This site is full of networking opportunities, a place where a lot of sharing of links and info and promotion goes on and now, grant giving – all with the aim of helping those who join in, to get where they’re going.

I’d like to think that the business awarded too, with it’s aim of helping foster kids find their way to independence, will help nurture those special bonds of shared experience, growth and strength that form the strongest networks of all. So, without further ado – Congratulations!

Montclair NJ, November 9, 2009- Investing In Women has awarded their first grant to a woman owned business in the USA. The recipient of the award is Tanisha Cunningham, founder of The Underground Railroad to Success (www.railroad2success.com).

The URS is a non-profit that provides a service to foster children aging out of the system to live independently as adults while becoming an integral part of society. This is great for foster children and also has a positive affect on our society as a whole.

“Aging out” is the term used for children who go into foster care, but are never returned to their families of origin or adopted by others. They stay in the system until they turn 18, or graduate from high school, and for the most part, are left to fend for themselves as best they can.

Tanisha Cunningham started URS in January of 2009. A child of foster care herself, she saw the need for foster kids to have additional support when they were no longer eligible for state run services. Soon after her foster care ended, she began a career in child welfare “I wanted to stay there because my passion had always been to give back, because I knew the struggles of living in foster care, and the fear of leaving unprepared, not having a place to go or having the skills to obtain a job.”

Investing In Women is a free business resource site, grant program and marketing venue for entrepreneurs. The organization plans to offer several micro grants in 2010, including grants that are not awarded based on gender and yes, international people, down the line, perhaps if we participate even more in this network, there may be opportunities for international projects to be granted funds.

Caribbean creatives and entrepreneurs – take a look at Investing in Women and see what we can learn from their example and do join in on the site - there’s a lot of help out there and a lot of good business relationships and indeed friendships to be made, so jump in!

Featured Business: The Underground Railroad To Success. Dedicated to leading all foster children through the tunnel of independence.

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