Friday, October 2, 2009

Equipment Crisis - Help Needed

Below is a snip of a story from a bajan creative entrepreneur which touched off so many chords of understanding in me that i felt i must share the story with you. I hope one or more of the readers will have some useful advice or better still, a solution for this young woman.

I know this story with change of a few nouns could be told by many of us in the Caribbean at some point in our freelance careers; we have great talents, often see well beyond what's going on in the region in our area's development - be it providing design services to crafters, e-commerce to businesses, professional photography and graphics to effectively brand, creative 'upcycle' concepts that simultaneously solve garbage issues and the need for costly importation of raw materials, whatever our special foresight and talent is, we all too often suffer for lack of the resources to effectively get our work done.

Beyond that, even when we've gotten the basic tools we need to work, the hard reality is that damage to just one key tool can set us into a spiral that is like our own personal tsunami - washing away jobs, clients, income in a shockingly short time.

I'm using this to call for solutions, not just to the 'sungodess' immediate needs, but to the needs of our region's talented micro-entrepreneurs: we need networks, we need organizations that cater to us truly - not that consider small business and smaller all the same thing.

We need crisis relief systems - this happens to many of us and not through any fault of our own - there needs to be some system for emergency relief in cases such as this. I know it exists elsewhere - for instance or are just two that pop up at the top of the search engines...let's do something people - please see if you can help sungoddess and pitch in with your thoughts on what we can do beyond this too.

So here's that snip from the SunGoddess' blog-please continue reading on her blog, link below:

UPDATED (2): iMac Heartbreak: Fear & Worry For My Family

I must start at the beginning, for those of you who have not been following my reported travails in this situation through my Facebook and Twitter posts over the last couple of months.
Almost two months ago, electricity surged through my building and killed my iMac. At least that is what I thought had happened. I don’t actually know what happened. I had three other laptops on, plugged into the same surge suppressor, hard-drives plugged in all over, and none of them experienced any problems.
However, in searching forums online, I found numerous people reporting similar or close enough for me to figure something serious was up. Bottom line, my computer that had never given me trouble previously, suddenly went AWOL. And has remained decidedly so ever since.
I boxed it up the next day, and had to endure the humiliation of having my mother pay to send it back to California, where my dear friend took it into Apple for repair or replacement.
By the time it got there–admittedly a while after I sent it–it was out of warrantee. When I sent it, it was under warrantee, but by the time Apple saw it, it was out of warrantee. That aside, Apple agreed to honour the warrantee, because when it arrived in California, my friend was travelling and it could not be brought in time. It was only a week or so out of warrantee in any case. Nothing to scream about, they’re known to help people out like me.
Apple opted not to replace it, but instead ordered a new logic board with the integrated upgraded NVidia GeForce card I ordered with the machine, a new power management unit and a new screen.
They boxed it up, my friend collected it and sent it back to me.
By this time, it had been gone for almost six weeks.
My finances were decimated by this. I needed the machine to work to capacity, and neither of the two laptops here are more than web browsing machines, and only one of them really useful. None can power the tool kit that I use to do what it is I do every day.
I lost both my main contracts, had to turn down a couple projects because I knew I couldn’t do them justice, and basically by this point, when it got back from California, I was dead broke and living off of the charity of friends and my family.


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