Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change - "How is me uh?"

Living on a small island in the Caribbean I swing lazily, like a hammock between coconut trees, between being concerned about Climate Change on the good days and feeling indignant about having to bother about it at all on the bad ones. So when I decided to join Blog Action Day,  I had to think long and hard about what to write!

In general I like the notion of being environmentally responsible. I’m happy to recycle my soft-drink bottles…and it doesn’t hurt when someone else takes them to the recycler for me. Course I could just stop drinking soft-drinks, I suppose.

I won’t be caught with a piece of coral in my hand. Though, that may be more because my sister, Fisheries Dept of St. Lucia, was always threatening to charge me if I used coral in my arts; it’s all illegal in St. Lucia you know, EC$5000 fine to boot. But I feel – and look - better if I say it’s because I am being caretaker to the seas.

Then how is it that I, as an artist cannot just enjoy using the beauty of the rainforest woods from South America and our own very Forest Reserves? That should be my right.

Whoy gasson!

How the hell I supposed to make authentic local creative products if I can’t use what’s in my own backyard? And, so who tell everybody use up all the wood and t’ings in the first place!?! Now people look at you like you’re a criminal if you use the same very things they’ve been using up so likrishly for so long. How is me uh?

So sometimes I care about this (probability of) Climate Change and sometimes I watch BBC documentaries that seem to tell me it’s out of my hands and I think well yes, who are we to think we’re so powerful to change the Earth as we know it?

I tired of all those powerhungrypoliticiansandwannabefamouspeople always making a fuss to look like they care and like they know what’s really going on, telling ME I have to change my ways or my front step will meet up with Atlantis. Yeah right, we can’t even tell if it’s going to rain this afternoon.

I mean, we live on a thin crust on top a swirling mass of melted up rocks with only puffs of loosely stuck water vapour and dust to protect us from Cosmic rays. Wasn’t it just a month ago they said, Soufriere (the Montserrat one) looked like it was going dormant? Two weeks later, it’s spewing ash and all sorts of stuff again. None of us saw the tsunami coming that Christmas ago, when was that again? Who are we kidding?

The sea level is rising. So is Barbados. Who’s to say that one thing won’t lead to another altogether - and not the one we think it will?

Then on a bad, bad day I think, “It’d serve all them smug 1st Worlders living high in low Manhatten and London and wherever right. Let their cities go meet Atlantis. I live on a hill. They’re the ones that used everything up anyway aren’t they?”

And the hammocks swings me back again and I know I’m revelling in those most cherished of human misbehaviours; I didn’t do it, it’s not my responsibility, I can’t do nothing anyway.

And the hammock comes to rest and I reluctantly accept I know one thing for sure; I don’t know how big a role we play in climate change, no-one is absolutely certain about that, but without a doubt, unless I poke out my eye to spite myself, I can’t help but see everyday and everywhere that what you and you and you…….and I do affects the place we all live in.

So just as every piece of garbage I drop makes a home for a mosquito or suffocates a turtle, every piece I pick up, dispose of properly, or best yet, stop from existing in the first place, removes the same problem. And just as all the little eddies and flows of the natural breezes and seas add up to our planet’s climate, so, it seems to me, all our little actions add up too.

We too like to say ‘No Problem’ in these islands, wonder if we can really live it.

And before you ask what all these little things I will do will achieve in the face of the rampant ravaging our ‘more developed’ brothers and sisters carry on with, or if they will really be more than just a speck of dust in nature’s universe; Just don’t ask because I can’t answer you.

All I know is what I can see for myself and what I, myself can do. So I may as well go on ahead and do it. It can’t hurt me if I do and my eyesight still good enough to see that it will hurt me, one way or other if I don’t.

Is me fuh tru…

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