Friday, September 25, 2009

Grant for Women to Grow Business

Investing In Women founder to offer $500 “stimulus package” to encourage women to start or grow businesses that will help the economy or improve lives.

SAN DIEGO, CA  – Founder of Investing In Women ( Leah Oviedo, a website to connect female entrepreneurs to helpful resources, is offering a $500 micro-grant to women seeking to open or expand their business. The grant application includes questions like

“How will the grant encourage your business growth?” 
“How will your business improve the economy or the lives of others?” 

The answers the applicants give will affect Investing In Women's award decision. Applications are available to every adult woman with a valid business license in the United States.
“This is our first ever grant,” says Oviedo. “We plan on eventually having several per year, including some that aren't gender-specific.”
Oviedo started in early 2009 to give support back to the community of female entrepreneurs, after producing a print directory of woman-owned businesses in 2008. is composed of resource listings, like the grant, and articles written by other entrepreneurs. “About half of the content is submitted by entrepreneurs,” says Oviedo. 

There are several opportunities where entrepreneurs can collaborate on the site in exchange for free advertising. Just visit the site, look around and contact them to discuss your ideas.
The main focus is to find the latest and the best resources available for business owners, offer micro-grants and to collaborate with more women and men.  As the site becomes more popular and receives funding we will offer more grants, including those that reach outside the US.
Visit for complete contest details.

In addition to Investing In Women, Oviedo runs a successful retail business, Mercado del Mundo (translated from Spanish as “Market of the World”), selling the clothing, jewelry and art from a variety of artists. 
Currently there are 2 featured artists on the site, Hannah Renner who makes jewelry from spiritually infused marbles, and Lois Robertson who is a painter of fine art.
Mercado del Mundo is looking for more fair trade, exotic merchandise  and products by womens co-ops to promote through the site, so take a look - drop them a line.

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  1. Finola. Thank you so much for posting about Investing In Women!

    We appreciate Your Support of our goal to educate and encourage independent women around the world.

    All my best, Leah Oviedo