Friday, August 28, 2009

Nevis, Golden Rock, Brice Marden and Pirates...

Lets face it, there isn’t an island in the Caribbean that would not inspire an artist whether with words to fill a poem, colours to fill a canvas or atmosphere to feed any and all creative spirits, but in the second feature on vacations for artists in the Caribbean stands out for reasons that will become obvious...

About two years ago renowned artist Brice Marden and his wife invested in purchasing 2/3 ownership in the Golden Rock Inn on the island of Nevis, the other 1/3 remaining in the ownership of Pam Barry, the Great-Great grand-daughter of Ernest Huggins, the original builder and owner.
Cornerstone laid by Ernest Huggins
Mr Marden is now found frequently on Nevis lending a guiding hand with the redecoration and new features of the Inn; colour schemes, designs and such to refresh the property while maintaining the original style.
Some of the additions include an outdoor restaurant with gazebos and pools to blend in with existing designs and enhance the already beautiful surroundings. The idea is to create an artists’ retreat where spirits can relax, and get inspiration from history and nature and at many times, a chance to meet one of the world’s leading artists. And in case any non-artists are wondering, yes, all visitors are welcome!
The old Mill, now a suite of rooms at Golden Rock Inn

The Office at Golden Rock, nestled away

And a visit to Nevis can offer many more possibilities for inspiration and activity for anyone seeking to soak up some natural beauty – there are many walks and little beaches with wildlife abounding and 50 churches dotted around the little 36 sq miles of the island. To whet your appetite, you can purchase books about Nevis here:

Sunken boats await you under the sea and spectacular sunset above

Now, if you’re up to a bit more of an adventure, then come to Nevis October 24th – 31st or November 21st – 28th 2009 when you can immerse yourself in Nevis’ pirate lore and take part in the first ever Peppered Pickled Pirate Party Time.

During the Pirate Week on Nevis - details and lots of info at -there will be a whole hoard of Pirate goings-on, one of which will be the Golden Rock Inn’s "Crew Carousal"; a West Indian Dinner in the bar and indoor dining area where diners will be encouraged to tell bad pirate jokes, sing pirate songs and generally have a roaring good time. And for your efforts, hand made prizes will be given to all participants. Guaranteed recovery from this night of pirate partying will be up for grabs with the raffle of a Spa Treatment offered by The Chill Spa to raise money for the Pink Lily Cancer Group who help provide funds for cancer patients and their families.

A Well Stocked Pirate Bar at Golden Rock Inn
Let us know if you do visit Nevis, the Golden Rock Inn and the Peppered Pickled Pirate Party Time!

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