Thursday, June 11, 2009

30 Minute Challenge

Should be that you can do something good in 30 minutes right? 30 minute meals, 30 minute Blog posts, 30 minutes exercise. Well, yes, but I know I waste a lot of 30 minutes each month that passes, whether is through the 5 minutes adding up or in whole 30 minutes at a time.

So after seeing the Michael Wong Loi Sing exhibition and feeling a little lazy, but a bit encouraged also, when my husband this week started setting himself the challenge to produce pieces of work – good work – in not more than 30 minutes each, I thought I better not keep on being lazy and get up and try some of that myself.

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked in a way that truly resembles production work (aside from that 2x2000+300 piece of work for the Caribbean Marketplace back in Oct 08-Jan 09). I’ve pretty much allowed myself to shuffle along making one like this, one like that and doing things that started out as intended to be quick, but dragged on being ridiculously slow to get completed. It’s amazing how easily time keeps on passing regardless of you isn’t it?

The last production run I did for my own work was a group of very simple jewelry pieces in March and they, to be honest, just don’t cut it – nice ideas, need development.

So today I took that 30 minute challenge with a left over from the Caribbean Marketplace that has been cluttering up the place here for too long: I took the little traditional pottery ‘canawi’ and using my favourite cold porcelain, a toothpick and a coffee stirrer for tools, I created the decorated bowl pictured below. It took me less than 30 minutes too.
And here's a couple of the t-shirts Tim did

So now, I throw out the challenge to you

Do you have a 30-minute-or-little-less product? If yes, congrats to you – and would you be so kind as to send me an email with a pic so I can share it here?

If you don’t yet have a 30-minute-or-little-less product, then take this challenge as the impetus you need to get that going – make something that will sell for a ‘good piece of money’ and that represents you well. And when you’ve done so, send me an email and we’ll feature it here. Links to your sites will be included.

My email: finolaprescott atgmail dotcom.

And to further encourage you, I'll randomly pick one entry out of those that are sent in to win a handmade product from me (or my husband if he agrees:)

(UPDATE - he agreed :) and lets set a date of June 30th...entries can be any creative product, so send 'em in!

So what are you waiting for, take the 30 Minute Challenge…

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  1. Great idea Fi! :-)

    (BTW Blog loads fine on Firefox)

  2. Thanks Liz...but still waiting for anyone to take the challenge :((