Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pictures Instead of 1000 Words

Pigeon Island North End, St. Lucia, Martinique in Background, Finola Prescott
Cas En Bas, East Coast St. Lucia, Timothy Prescott
Sunset at Bank Hall, Barbados, Finola Prescott

Sunset at Cap, St. Lucia, through the Tamarind Tree, Finola Prescott
Purple & Green Leaves, Cap, St. Lucia, Finola Prescott
Passion Fruit Flower, Growing out of the Compost Heap, Cap, St. Lucia, Finola Prescott
Bromeliad on the Calabash tree, Cap, St. Lucia, Finola Prescott
Good Conversation, Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia, Finola Prescott
Cocoa Beans, Old Cauldron, Fond Doux, St. Lucia, Finola Prescott
Many Paths, all leading up, St. Lucia, Finola Prescott
Out the back window, Soufriere, St. Lucia, Richelle George (13yrs)
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  1. Hi Aunti fifi! I just LOVE ur pic,"Out the back window". Who took it?
    Oh yeah, ME!
    though it's not as good as ur others...
    Oh well,They're all super good!
    Your Fav. niece..

  2. Wow :) very nice photo - especially the one from the car - it looks like art!

  3. lovely photos, compliments to the photographer

  4. Lovely photos!! You have a great eye ... maybe you should start a photo blog.

  5. Thanks Tamicks - I've been thinking of that - and thinking I've got to get new camera equipment first, but maybe I have enough photos stored to start anyway!

    And thanks Trini Girl Blue too:)

  6. Hope you post some more pics... : )

    Been reading your blog to see what real life is like in St Lucia. Really good reading! Thoughtful and perceptive....glad I found you... and thank you.

  7. Hi Chelle, sorry to take so long to post your comment - I've been busy lately, but plan to start back blogging again soon.
    Glad you enjoyed and certainly will post more pics!
    Thnx for reading :-D