Friday, April 24, 2009

Grenada A Place for Artists....

Today I'm happy to bring you a the first of what I hope will be a series of Guest Posts on Artists' Holidays in the various Caribbean destinations. Today's post is by the Grenada Explorer team: 'the comprehensive island travel guide for the island of Grenada'.

Grenada is a place which is well liked by artists, primarily because of the wide variety of subjects and points of view which provide inspiration and a wide range of subject matter. This can range from mountains, valleys, shorelines, old abandoned plantations, beaches, sunsets, spices and the local flora, to the local people and animals.

Imagine yourself on a pristine white sand beach with the sunset reflecting off of the surf and wet sand
or at the Grand Etang park with a mona monkey trying to decide if your paints are edible.
Maybe one of our waterfalls, like the Honeymoon Falls, would be a nice backdrop
or the flowering Ginger lilies in the rainforest. (Photo Tim Prescott)
With wonderful backdrops, interesting subjects and no shortage of spectacular sunsets, your only limitation is deciding your subject matter.

Local artists, like Susan Mains,
Trish Bethany and Ursula Williams, of Tropical Jewellery Magic

produce some beautiful paintings from all aspects of Grenadian life and scenery, as well as make use of the wide range of natural materials available, and produce gold and silver jewellery incorporating such diverse things as sea glass, local seeds, shells and intricately eroded pebbles from the rivers on the island.

Many local artists have their works displayed for sale in the Spiceland Mall in Grand Anse and the Cruise Ship mall in St.George. Occasionally, there will be a Gallery at the Marryshow House in St.George and other venues. The Grenada Craft Center and Grenada Arts Council are good places to check out for information about the art culture here on the island. There are many places to stay while in Grenada, which are quite reasonable, but a few which come readily to mind, and which are 'artist friendly', are

Lazy Lagoon which has the added benefit of being about 10 minutes walk from the Grenada Craft Center on the opposite side of the lagoon, where you can find several local artists.
Almost Paradise located in the north of the island in a more rustic setting, and this affords some beautiful views of the islands and the wilder
Gem Beach Resort located directly on Morne Rouge Beach. Not only does this give a beautiful setting which includes amazing sunsets, it is just a few minutes walk from Quarantine Point, which is another wonderful setting for inspiration.
Epping Forest itself a wonderful subject, is an old plantation home which was rebuilt. This guest house offers unrivaled views of the countryside, and is a personal favorite.

Thank You, Grenada Explorer team for putting together this wonderful insight into some of the possibilities that await travelers and in particular, the artist and creative travelers.
Readers, if you love the photos in this post, please note that they are the copyright of - please don't copy them from here, pop on over and ask them about using their wonderful photos. And the photos of art belong to the respective artists featured, please visit their sites to view or purchase their work.

You can get all your Grenada travel information taken care of at Grenada Explorer why don't you pop on over!

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