Saturday, April 18, 2009

Caribbean Fashion Awards Winners

So the Caribbean Fashion Awards came and went and I hardly heard a peep about it.  Remember I commented about the media registration seeming not to accommodate individuals like myself? Well a few days before the event a Gmail chat window popped up and the organizer is asking if I sent in my form. I said "No, wasn't sure I'd be in island". He responds "OK" and I reply "So should I send it in now?" Well, he'd already signed off and I never heard anything else. So I didn't go, no surpise

I'm left feeling a little disappointed about the whole thing. You see, there's not even one picture of the winners on the site. The photos are from last year and are not titled.  I saw several spelling mistkaes in people's names - when I searched for links for my previoius post, I had to check sevearal times to see if the person I found was the right one.

The press release referred to other activities leading up to the Awards Show - I enquired what they were and was told the Press Release has all the info. Unless I was missing a page in the PDF, I couldn't see any info there.

I'm glad the Caribbean Fashion Awards exist, but whether it's a case of lack of funding or lack of sponsorship, that the site is not much, much better, or that the organization and presentation did not encompass the modern forms of communication - bloggers, independant writers. I partly decided to write up this post with the Winners list because I realize my little blog, with it's few subscribers and modest number of views, comes up directly after the official site in the Google search for "Caribbean Fashion Awards" Ths all without any SEO at all. There can't be much online coverage if that's the case.
So, I've listed the winners (spelling as it is on the main site), below: Congrats to you all and we all look forward to seeing much more of you on the Internet in the coming months. (hint)
So we look forward tothe next Caribbean Fashion Awards, which lets hope catches up with the times and gets the support needed to realy promote our Region's booming, high quality , increasingly creative Fashion Industry.
Caribbean Fashion Designer Award 
Female Designer
Claudia Pegus (Trinidad)

Male Designer
Mill House (Trinidad)
Caribbean Female Runway Model
Jaunel Mckenzies (Jamaica)
Caribbean Male Runway Model
Oraine Barnett (Jamaica)
Caribbean Female Photo Model
Gaye Mcdonald (Jamaica)
Caribbean Male Photo Model
Luck Rebeiro (Trinidad)
Fashion Photographer
Calvin French
Caribbean Hairstylist
Criag Carter (Barbados)

Caribbean Make-Up Artist 
Miyako Johnson (St Lucia)
Fashion Magazine Cover
She Caribbean (St Lucia)
Best Fashion TV Programme/ Fashion Show or Fashion Week
Barbados Amateur Model Search (Barbados)
Best Fashion Show or Fashion Week attended
Islands Of the world Fashion Week (Bahamas)
Upcoming Designer Award
Toni Thorne (Barbados)
Country Designer Award
Pauline Bellamy
St Vincent
Kimya Glawslow
St Lucia
Kummba Designs
Trinidad & Tobago
Claudia Pegus
Special Awards

Sara Colins
Caribbean Icon Awards
Pat Braithwaite
Industry Achievement
BIDC Barbados
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